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The Energy Foundation works throughout the U.S. to secure a clean and equitable energy future to tackle the climate crisis – we're proud to support their work with digital advertising, community building, virtual event support, and more.

Community building through the EF Facebook Community Group

We have also consulted and executed a Facebook community group to build community among the grantees, bringing attention to resources offered in the Resource Hub, connecting grantees with Energy Foundation experts across various areas of expertise, and also connecting them with other grantees with similar goals from around the country.

Our average post reach, or how many members saw each post, was 53%. Ten times that of the industry standard!

The Facebook community group has been a success with over 200 members, and engagement among grantees at a rate 10 times that of the industry standard!

Industry Standard
Our Average Reach (10x Industry Standard)

We also helped launch an email marketing program to ensure grantees were frequently updated about new resources in the Hub, had access to new training videos, such as trainings on digital advertising and zoom best practices, and to communicate deadlines for rapid response grant support and other pertinent information.

Digital Advertising & Virtual Event Support

Early in 2020, Energy Foundation realized that their national network of grantee organizations faced an unprecedented challenge: continuing their organizing efforts in a post-pandemic, digital-only space. In order to provide grantees with the resources needed to navigate this new world, Energy Foundation built an online Resource Hub complete with free trainings, access to digital marketing tools, rapid response grants, and access to virtual event support.

We consulted the Energy Foundation team on how to make the Resource Hub as successful as possible, and spearheaded areas of the program where our team had expertise. This includes community building, digital advertising, creative production, email marketing, communication support, and virtual event facilitation.

Our team supported Energy Foundation’s network of grantees with their virtual organizing and community engagement events by providing digital advertising, creative production, and technical support — digital resources that were the first of their kind for grantees at the Energy Foundation!

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