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Using compelling design and copy, we helped deliver victories for Michigan Democrats up and down the ballot.


The 2018 Michigan Democratic Party One Campaign started organizing early in the cycle and built an incredible base of grassroots support. When we were asked to help the campaign, they faced the challenge of communicating a clear, unified message to persuadable voters around the State of Michigan. Many voters are inundated with campaign messages from both parties leading up to Election Day — across mail, digital, television, and at their doors. The largest challenge we faced was cutting through that noise to deliver concise, persuasive arguments and helpful voting information and ultimately get Democrats elected up and down the ballot.

We created this 8”×8” fold-out print piece to deliver straightforward information to key voters across Michigan. We designed this piece in a way that appealed to both sporadic voting Democrats and persuadable moderates by focusing on key issues in a thoughtful way. The field team used our pieces to help achieve record results both by persuading moderates and turning out hundreds of thousands of new Democratic voters. We were thrilled to play a small role in a much larger, successful operation!

This 8”x8” folded brochure served as a comprehensive guide for Michigan voters
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MDP one booklet front
This 8”x8” folded brochure served as a comprehensive guide for Michigan voters
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This piece features language proven to increase voter turnout, including social pressure and resources to find polling locations.

Sporadic Democratic voters in Michigan received this turnout literature on Election Day to increase turnout and ultimately propel Gretchen Whitmer and all statewide Democrats to victory.

(Even the littlest canvassers helped deliver this sticky lit!)

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mdp one door hanger

The Impact

This statewide coordinated field campaign was the primary field effort for Gretchen Whitmer for Governor, Debbie Stabenow for U.S. Senate, and other statewide candidates. Designing a piece of literature to satisfy the wants and needs of all campaigns involved was worth it. The result was this comprehensive and effective guide for moderate and Democratic voters.

This piece was customized to 14 Congressional districts, 38 State Senate districts, and 110 State House districts and provided persuasive information to the 1.1 million+ recipients. An extensive field program, coupled with these pieces and an army of canvassers, ensured Democratic voters had the information they needed and that moderates were effectively persuaded.

The Results

Votes for Democrats at the top of the ticket

Voter turnout in Michigan was the highest it’s been for a midterm election in nearly


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