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Committee to Protect Health Care

How we helped build an organization of medical professionals and advocates working toward an America where everyone has the health care they need to thrive.

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The Committee to Protect Health Care website was created as a center for the organization’s advocacy tools and information. It helped elevate the brand to national recognition and served as a hub for its multi-channel advertising campaigns.

Award Winning Video

We’ve produced countless videos for the Committee to help spread the message and the mission of quality, affordable health care that protects patients over profits. Through both organic and paid channels, these videos have reached millions of Americans.

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The Committee Goes Viral

Executive Director Dr. Rob Davidson has a casual conversation with Vice President Mike Pence at Drake Diner in Iowa, exposing the VP’s ignorance on Medicaid block grants. A video of the exchange goes viral, and establishes a national profile for Dr. Rob as a no nonsense patient advocate & the Committee as key health care advocates.


We helped the Committee to Protect Health Care make a difference in some key legislative victories across the country, including:

Award Winning Work

Since CMG started in 2012, we’ve helped more than 300 clients make a difference with award winning projects. Check out the comprehensive list!

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