Winning Viewers’ Votes with Facebook Video Ads

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In an era where 77% of internet users are on Facebook, while 63% of internet users are on YouTube, Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular site for video advertising, especially for political campaigns.

In 2012, 40% of voters had an election- or politics-related video recommended to them through a post on a social networking site. The success of any political campaign greatly depends on focused public outreach and effective use of social media. A prime example was President Obama’s successful video advertising campaign, which greatly outpaced his opponents’ social media campaigns during both election cycles.

To best take advantage of this growing opportunity, we have provided 6 tips—related to both posting logistics and video content—that will help you attract more followers on Facebook and increase your campaign’s visibility.

  1. Interact with Your Audience

Videos provide the perfect opportunity for added engagement with your audience. Host a Q&A session to promote a dialogue with your constituents; or, try launching a live video event with Facebook Live to pique your followers’ interest to tune in more often.

  1. Share Success Stories

Sharing photos and videos from your hometown or the good work you’re promoting throughout your community are great ways to stay connected to constituents and attract a broader voter base.

  1. Be Yourself

Voters care about authenticity when choosing a candidate. One of the best ways for voters to get to know you is to be yourself. Videos are an easy way to let your sincerity shine through, so be casual and conversational—the occasional selfie with supporters and constituents also never hurts!

  1. Customize and Promote

It is highly important to take advantage of cross-site traffic, such as using hashtags in the caption of your video to link to larger trends that can appear on other sites like Twitter and Instagram. Customize the still thumbnail image that people first see before playing your video ad. You can also promote your ad directly from your Facebook page with a Call-to-Action button for “Watch Video.”

  1. Follow Uploading Guidelines

Facebook has a few specs for uploading videos:

  1. Track Your Growth

From your Facebook page, you can go to Page Insights to track all sorts of metrics, including total video views and others details about viewing behavior across custom date ranges. This is a helpful feature to help your campaign target viewers more effectively moving forward.



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As CMG’s Organizer of Words and People, Haley Dalian manages the moving parts of many projects from start to finish by coordinating internal and external communications. She helps bring clients’ ideas to life through persuasive writing and engaging advertising. With a sharp eye for detail and intuition for language, Haley specializes in creating and editing content at all project stages.

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