What is Remarketing?

 In Digital Marketing, Social Media

Ever wonder why that potential purchase follows you from the order page to Facebook? Or the website you just visited is advertising to you on different sites?

That’s remarketing at work. 

Once a potential customer visits your website, we can serve them advertisements across the web to bring them back to your website and make a purchase.

What are the benefits?

  • Generate more leads. A typical landing page will convert 1-2% of visitors. Reach that 98% to bring them back to your site.
  • Talk to the right people. When you remarket, you’re talking to potential customers who took the time to visit your site.
  • Show specific ads to specific people. Remarketing allows you to serve custom ads to past visitors based upon the page(s) they visited on your site. That way, you can talk to them specifically about what they are looking for.

When used correctly, remarketing is a powerful tool to re-engage past website visitors and turn them into customers.

We can help you set up effective, cost-efficient remarketing campaigns that will drive results.

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