What is OTT?

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Over-the-top (OTT) media refers to internet-streamed video pushed onto television screens via a WiFi connection. As video streaming services have grown in popularity and traditional cable television plans have become less popular, you’ve likely been consuming OTT media without even knowing its industry name. These platforms include Hulu and Comcast OnDemand. OTT platforms that you cannot advertise on include Netflix and HBO GO. 

Streaming platforms now offer more viewing options than ever before. They track your search history and viewing preferences and then recommend shows accordingly. As OTT video travels “over the top” of cable channels via an internet provider, it competes with traditional cable providers and the advertisers on those cable channels. The beauty of OTT providers is that they can be accessed and viewed across many different devices—all you need is an internet connection! Given the mobile revolution and increased media consumption, a hungry new audience is waiting to receive advertisements via their OTT platforms.

OTT advertising allows you to reach a more defined audience than traditional television. According to a Video Advertising Bureau Report, 71% of internet users stream content on an OTT service at least once a month. OTT advertising is beneficial because digital ad buying offers many targeting assets: large reach, strong targeting based on platform algorithm, analytics tools, and programmatic budgeting.

Advertising on OTT platforms could help share your message with another pocket of media consumers: the ‘cable cutters.’ The cost-effective buying of streaming inventory helps deliver ads to relevant, specified audiencesmaking sure your ad dollars are being spent effectively. For many campaigns and causes, OTT advertising makes sense as part of your digital mix to reach audience members where they are now watching video content.




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