3 No-Brainer Tips to Refresh Your Website

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Is your website feeling a little out of date? Thinking of doing a website overhaul but want to make some quick changes right away? Check out our 3 no-brainer tips to refresh your website and get started with a better web presence right away!

Update your copy

It’s time to refresh that stale corporate copy that doesn’t connect with your website visitors. Avoid industry jargon and stick with straightforward and concise copy. Keep it short, simple, and meaningful.

If you have a blog, updating it at least once a week — if not more — can help you drive visitors to your website and keep search engines happy.

Improve typography

It’s likely your website consists of plenty of text, even after updating it with fresh, concise copy. With that in mind, make sure your text is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing! A few easy typography tweaks to consider:

  • Shy away from using too many typefaces on your site. Two should do the trick.
  • Contrast is key. Make sure that your copy is darker than the background or other way around (i.e. scrap the red text on the black background, ASAP).
  • If the typefaces you’re currently using don’t pair well with the rest of your site, switch them up! Google Fonts is a great resource for finding web-safe fonts that look current.

Use compelling imagery

Step #1- Avoid cheesy-looking stock photos. They rarely convey the emotion you may be trying to achieve as a business, and customers will likely notice the ungenuine images. If you do use stock photography, double check that the images feel authentic.

A better solution might be to take your own photographs or hire a professional photographer to do so. Capture photos of your real employees during their actual work day. Photos of your actual organization will almost always do a better job of representing your business and company culture.


Sometimes these simple updates are enough to really improve the look and feel of your site. Need some personalized ideas on what changes could help your website? Get in touch with us!

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