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With the recent advancements in Instagram marketing, we’ve decided it’s finally time: Change Media Group is now on Instagram! Follow us here for more news, blogs, and behind-the-scenes updates.

If you’re a marketer, or user of social media, you’ve probably heard a lot about Instagram lately. So what’s up with Instagram marketing anyway?

Instagram is consistently rated as the favorite social media platform among young people, and it receives by far the most user engagement compared to other platforms. For the past few months, Instagram has been busy launching new advertising tools for all brands, opening up a much-coveted advertising market.

Now, advertisers have a wide variety of opportunity for advertising on Instagram. Good news for Facebook marketers: you can create, promote, and analyze Instagram ad campaigns right from Facebook’s Ads Manager. Brands can even plan campaigns across both platforms using Facebook’s tools and targeting affordances. And, just like Facebook, Instagram presents normal ads as well as carousel ads, giving marketers the option to catch viewers’ eyes with one photo or a sequence of images.

We’ll keep you updated on what we learn from our own Instagram journey. Are you an Instagram marketer? We’d love to know about your experience. Email your thoughts, tips, and ideas to us at info@ – and follow us on Instagram at ChangeMediaGroup!

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