Get Started With Analytics: 3 Ways to Use Data for Better Digital Ads

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Analytics are becoming a huge part of every business at the national and, recently, the local level. Online analytics can deliver important results that help in every sector of a business by tracking the actions of a potential lead. More importantly, analytics have begun to change the way companies advertise online. Here are list of tips to ensure you’re optimizing your online advertising investment:

1) Dynamic Tracking:

Dynamic tracking enables you to analyze every lead generated by an online ad. This tracking uses proper keywords to deliver qualified potential customers. This analysis can be tailored to each individual site visitor

Google Analytics is the easiest way to get started analyzing your insights and turning them into actionable solutions. This feature calculates and delivers useful information about your users and your SEO.

2) Personalized Retargeting

Have you ever wondered why those rain boots from Amazon follow you around from page to page? It’s because you are being targeted through remarketing ads. These ads attach themselves to your browser cookies and continually appear on your window. You can use remarketing to encourage recent visitors to come back to your site and download, purchase, or view a product on your site.

Google Dynamic Remarketing allows you to display retargeting ads to your potential customers. There is a bidding process to reach your potential users. This tool, like Google Analytics, helps with overall conversion and interaction with your website by delivering you data-driven results.

3) Conversion Tracking:

Tracking the conversions on your website is imperative to understanding how your potential users flow through and interact with your website. Conversion is commonly measured through click-through and call-to-action rates.
Google AdWords is a tool that promotes conversion tracking by aiding with keyword   identification within your website. Google AdWords offers a way to track the conversions from your online advertisement to see which ad had the greatest impact on your potential customers.

Google presents many effective tools to connect your company’s website with the potential customers you need. However, setting up and managing these account is often a full-time job in itself. Fortunately, Change Media Group offers these services as a way to boost your online customers and see a greater return from your investment. Interested? View our services here.

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