How you should (and shouldn’t) use color to get more conversions

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Today on the blog we’re discussing something that can have major effects on conversions and audience, but isn’t talked about too often: color.

Color theory, the idea that each color evokes specific feelings and associations among the general population, is a popular idea among branding. However, new research suggests that color choice, and connecting with your audience through it, is more of an art than a strict science. It’s more likely that colorslike any other stimuliare associated with memories, feelings, and emotions that differ from person to person. Color is dependent on personal experience and therefore is impossible to translate to personal feelings on a large scale. So while designers don’t necessarily need to shy away from using red to create a sense of urgency or blue to make audiences feel calm, for example, it’s important to avoid underestimating your audience by making generalizations about how each individual will react to your color palate.

Although you can’t make generalizations about individuals’ associations with your color choice, you still canand shouldcarefully consider and strategically choose the colors you use to represent your brand and products. Researchers have found that up to 90% of consumers’ snap decisions about products are influenced by the visual representation, depending on the product, and up to 90% of that judgment is based on color alone. So while it’s not wise to assume colors will affect each individual viewer the same way, it’s still an important part of your messageand you can still use color to your advantage.

So how can you use color strategically?

Research shows that consumers make judgments about color not based on emotion, but rather on appropriateness. In other words, viewers are more likely to engage with a product if they feel the colors match the personality of the brand or product. So, rather than trying to evoke a specific mood, you can use color to communicate broader messages that match your brand’s or product’s personality.

Unfortunately, choosing colors isn’t a clear-cut process. Your creative should depend on what you want to communicate and how you want to present your brand. While working on creative for your brand, consider context, personality, and product more heavily than mood, emotion, or association. Consumers will want to engage with your products more if visual presentation is uniform, professional, and representative of your brand.

  • Does the color combination match the personality of your brand or product? Is it “on brand”?
  • What combinations best represent your brand, team, product, or services?
  • Who is your target audience, and how do you want them to perceive your products?
  • Test different colors and combinations to see what works best for your audience.

A look at how we do it:



Our primary brand color is bright blue – you’ll rarely see Change Media Group without also seeing our signature blue hue. While pale shades of blue are often associated with serenity, and dark shades of blue are associated with stability and tradition, our CMG blue is friendly, contemporary, and bright. We often pair it with a bright red orange: our accent color. This combination fits with the culture we aim for each day – it’s lively, dynamic, and engaging. From our office supplies to our invoice documents, this color combination is the mark of Change Media Group.

What about you – how does your brand get strategic with color?

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Amy Libka is CMG’s Crafter of Strategic Communication. Amy combines strategy and creativity to help clients communicate as effectively as possible. She is passionate about clear, effective communication, and enjoys crafting messages that help individuals and groups achieve their goals. She specializes in creating content and managing digital advertising campaigns for a diverse group of clients.

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