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How we've helped the UAW communicate with their 900k+ active and retired members through social, texting, web, video, print, and more. website screenshot

We designed and developed custom landing pages to correspond with the UAW endorsed candidates leading up to the 2020 election. This page explains why President Biden was the right choice for UAW families and why a vote for Biden was a vote for a pro-labor America. Custom landing pages like this served as the target URL for a broad digital advertising program, and a resource for members and retirees to learn more about UAW’s endorsed candidates. website screenshot was created for the UAW to encourage and inform members, retirees, and their families about vote by mail and absentee voting options for the 2020 election. It aimed to increase overall voter knowledge and increase early and safe voting during the COVID-19 pandemic. To maximize effectiveness, we customized a landing page for each individual state, with custom links on each page leading to that state’s government forms for absentee voting applications and other early voting information.

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Digital advertising to UAW members on social

Videos for Pro-Labor Candidates

Big Wins for Labor

The robust digital campaigns created for the 2018 and 2020 elections resulted in a wave of pro-union candidates being elected into office across the country, from State Representatives all the way to President Joe Biden.

Many of our successful UAW communications include texting members directly!

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