Abhishek MuthaMultimedia Advertising Specialist

With a MA in Advertising from Michigan State University and BA in Communications from the University of Toledo, Abhishek wants to bring strategy to the creative world of visual communication. His experience with different forms of media such as website, video, photography, and social media inform his multimedia approach towards advertising.

Abhishek enjoys working in After Effects to create motion graphics and titles. He has experience in recording and producing documentary, direct-to-camera and interview style videos for promotions. His knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Cloud allows him to connect various dots in the process of visual communication. He also performs front-end development and design for websites and landing pages. He is passionate about learning new technology and executing it as part of his multimedia universe.

Abhishek is originally from India and enjoys working in America and sharing his culture. He is also interested in movies, video games and Bollywood dancing.

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