Seize the Social (Media): Make the Most of Your Brand’s Online Presence

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Maintaining an online presence requires constant communication with followers and thoughtful intention behind your brand’s presentation. Here are some of our top tips on navigating social media:

Connect with your audience. Social media platforms give you the ability to communicate with audiences in real time. Use it! Invite conversation and reply quickly to those who engage with your brand. Plus, the ability to easily connect with your followers allows you instant feedback, and more than ever before. Take the opportunity to listen and learn.

Stay up-to-date with online social trends. Social media’s fast-paced communication is great for connecting with followers, but it also means that trends come and go with the same immediacy. Brands that use current social media trends well will stand out. But be careful to research the origins of a trending hashtag or meme before jumping in to avoid making a serious misstep.

Be concise. This is a given on Twitter, but it can be tempting to take advantage of unlimited characters on other platforms. Social media is characterized by a constant flow of activity, which means there are a lot of messages competing with your own for your audience’s attention. Your readers are accustomed to short, attention-grabbing content, and won’t have the patience to read a large portion of text. Instead of posting a lengthy paragraph on Facebook or LinkedIn, summarize your content and redirect readers’ attention by attaching a video or linking to a blog.

Don’t be so serious! Just like you, your brand’s social media presence needs a healthy balance of work and play. It’s great to keep your followers informed about your brand, but posts that show personality will keep them engaged. Audiences will distrust a business that doesn’t show a little personality behind its formally branded exterior. Reflect your company culture in a way that’s personal and not too formal.

Be consistent. Although it’s all right to loosen up in tone, consistency among your brand’s presentation is essential. Social media platforms allow followers to become acquainted with your brand just as they would get to know any other individual—and a unique brand personality requires unity across posts. In order to ensure consistency, consider creating a style guide or making your brand’s core values a priority for everyone who posts from your brand.

Invite followers to engage with you. Adding a call-to-action to a post encourages followers to engage with your brand, even with something as simple as answering a question or watching a video. This creates a friendly and inviting climate that your audience will associate with your brand.

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