The Smartest Ways to Use Digital On A Budget

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No matter what their goals are, we almost always recommend that our clients use some of their budget on digital for many reasons: it’s individually targeted, scaleable to your budget and needs, and most of any given target audience is on digital. But some are hesitant to see how digital can help them and that’s okay.

We tell our clients who are hesitant to spend on digital, start small and optimize as you go. We’ve found that it’s almost always worth it to focus on digital to boost your ROI, and with the right priorities and strategy, you can make it happen online.

However, ROI looks different depending on who you are and what your goals are. Different goals and industries require different treatment and strategy, even tools, on digital. When you’re first getting started, it can be really difficult to know how to use digital and how to measure success especially with a small budget. We’ve found that, while it’s always easier to test multiple tools and methods, when we’re working with clients with tight budgets, there are a few ways to quickly prioritize return on investment without spending more than you can afford.

Here are some of the digital methods and tools that we recommend to our clients who want to try digital on a budget. These are some of the best ways that we’ve found to increase ROI on digital.


What to Prioritize: Lead generation for future customers or donors

Method: Digital Advertising

Whether you’re trying to sell a product, gather votes, or increase donations, building your email list and getting new leads is an important priority, and we’ve helped many clients with online lead generation. Just like any lead generation push, first figure out how much your leads are worth to you. Oftentimes, if just a few people convert, it’s worth the cost of running ads.

Facebook does have its own Lead Ads, which allow users to sign up and share their information without ever leaving the site or app. Alternatively, you can also just run ads to a form to get in touch with you or sign up for your email list, or to a specific product on your website. No matter what type of ad you decide to run, Facebook makes it easy to target the people who are most likely to engage with you, make a purchase, or donate which means you can use your money wisely and only spend on the people who are most likely to increase your ROI.


What to Prioritize: Online Legitimacy to boost sales & search results

Method: Online Reviews

Getting some good reviews on Google and Facebook can help you more than you might realize – and it’s free. You just have to ask!

Online reviews are more important than ever. Good ones make you look a lot more legit to consumers, and having a lot of reviews from real people can help you get more business from people who feel more comfortable with your products. And even if you don’t sell products, good reviews can also show Facebook’s and Google’s algorithms that you’re legit which will help you out by boosting your place in search results.

If you want to really boost website traffic and searchability, check out our blog post on the five steps to a higher Google Search ranking!


What to Prioritize: Brand Recognition & Familiarity

Method: Targeted Ads to get your content in front of the right people

If you’re looking for brand recognition and traffic, you can run post promotion ads and get your content in front of the people who are most likely to share and like it those who engage and interact with you online, and who have bought from or donated to you in the past.

Interested in learning more? Check out this blog post to learn more about ways to keep your brand top of mind!


What to Prioritize: Website Traffic (for any reason!)

Method: Search Advertising

Search ads are a great investment, no matter what your goals are, really. In our experience, click-through-rates tend to be much higher in search ads than display or Facebook, simply because as long as your ads and keywords are relevant, you’re advertising only to people who are already looking for you. Plus, you only pay per clicks so no matter how many times your ad is shown, you won’t pay unless someone clicks on your ad.

Ready to start search advertising? Check out our guide to a successful search campaign!

Of course, you always need to watch ads closely and optimize them as needed. They won’t pay off automatically but if your ads are relevant and targeted, we’ve seen time and again that these methods work, even on a tight budget.



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Amy Libka is CMG’s Crafter of Strategic Communication. Amy combines strategy and creativity to help clients communicate as effectively as possible. She is passionate about clear, effective communication, and enjoys crafting messages that help individuals and groups achieve their goals. She specializes in creating content and managing digital advertising campaigns for a diverse group of clients.

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