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Although the Iowa caucuses are a little over a year away (with the general election even further away), several Democrats are already launching campaigns to take on Donald Trump in 2020. Join us on this series as we talk through the strengths and weaknesses of each digital campaign launch. Next up in the series are Senators Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris.


Amy Klobuchar:

Amy: Wow, her custom captions were really hard to read in that video.

Sara: I did think it was interesting that she had filmed one of those donate ads before her announcement speech (it was the same coat that she was wearing). Clearly it was filmed that day, which is smart because everyone interested in her watched that announcement video of her in the snow.

Amy: She’s running what feels like a very midwestern campaign. I felt like being in her living room…straight to camera…it seemed very midwestern.

Sara: It did not feel like a presidential video to me with all the stock footage.

Evelyn: I liked that she talked about the issues. Very Midwestern, which we love!

Amy: Also, after looking at some of the other candidate ads, these ads are looking very cookie-cutter. I don’t know what her voice is still.

Mariel: The video really leaned on the bio. It was super aspirational and I appreciated that, but there were no specific ideas she had that set her apart in any way.

Sara: There are some candidate videos that talk about the problems, like billionaires and banks trying to get a bigger slice of the pie. The only ‘sort of’ villian in Klobuchar’s video is “grid lock.”

Amy: I do feel like it’s harder for her because not many people know who she is, so she does have to explain who she is, but I don’t think the video did that well. Also, she has disclaimers on all of her ad images. That’s unique. Probably want to be extra safe.

Evelyn: Final thoughts on Amy Klobuchar?

Mariel: I think for someone like her who has lower name ID, she needed to go a little bit of an extra mile to really push it so people would remember her and I don’t think she did.

Sara: I feel like what catapulted her into the position to run for president was Kavanaugh. She was the most outspoken and toughest on Kavanaugh and that was great. It does seem like a missed opportunity to not mention it in her launch video. Maybe that’s part of her strategy to position herself as a moderate and not wanting to get into that, but it does seem like a missed opportunity with the base.

Amy: I wonder if she’s trying to reach out to the midwest and is worried that if she does talk about Kavanaugh, that’ll put off too many conservatives.


Kamala Harris:

Sara: Funky music in that video.

Mariel: Yeah, I liked it a lot.

Amy: I liked the little clips of her speaking. She has a border around her ads to keep it consistent. I like it.

Evelyn: I like how clean this ‘Legalize It’ ad is.

Amy: I like her colors. She has many different colors, but they’re just so bold. I can tell that it’s her ad.

Evelyn: This ad that puts Trump in her brand colors is pretty fun.

Sara: To me, these are some of the best ads in terms of branding consistency. When I see her ads in the feed, I know that they’re hers.

Amy: I think it’s smart of her to use the bright yellow, too.

Mariel: She made very strategic choices to stand out and I think part of it is that donate ads are such a thing that the colors help you recognize the ad immediately. I feel like that matters.

Amy: We also have felt so bleak for the past few years, so having something vibrant is attractive.

Sara: You know what I think is interesting, too? One of her ads says, “Will you add your name to join our campaign email list?” Very specific. I want to try that!

Amy: This is very much her voice. A lot of the other candidates are talking about the fair shot and I think that’s a little more accessible.

Sara: Yeah, given that the only bipartisan thing that’s happened in awhile is the criminal justice reform bill in Congress…maybe she sees thinking ahead.

Amy: I’m noticing that there’s a lot of smiling Kamala Harris.

Sara: Especially if people know her as a tough prosecutor.

Evelyn: Noticing the capitalization is a little different in her ads. I like that she’s using some longer buttons in the graphics…don’t normally see that.

Amy: I like the purple, too. I like the half border. Looks really nice.

Evelyn: Final thoughts on Kamala?

Amy: I think a strong launch. She’s one of the few that I saw that she launched and I immediately started getting ads.

Sara: In terms of the digital rollouts, hers is unquestionably the strongest. They’ve sustained the ads that they’re running. I see her in my feed all the time. I think they’ve sustained a lot of momentum post-launch.

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