Flint Public Library

The campaign committee for the Flint Public Library came to us with a challenge. They were putting up a millage increase to maintain the vital services they provide to the Flint community. With a limited budget, we helped them win their campaign by targeting highly likely voters and likely voters with mail and digital ads. On election day in November of 2015, they won with a commanding 73.4% of the vote.


CMG created this branding with the Flint Public Library as the “fabric of Flint,” and did all of the photography and message development for the campaign. This brand and message helped propel a positive message for this campaign to encourage voters to support this increase in their property taxes.


In a time when many are leery of paying higher taxes, on Election Day in 2015, the campaign prevailed and won by a vote of 73% in favor to 27% against.


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