The Working Hero website was created primarily to increase awareness about the EITC and to make sure that people who qualify for the tax credit are aware of its existence. This website emphasizes the effectiveness of the legislation and aims to protect and support it by spreading the message of the power of the EITC.

For site visitors from outside the state of California, aims to set a national example of the effectiveness of the EITC. It persuades more states to adopt EITC legislation if they haven’t already.

Lastly, serves as an outlet for progressive entrepreneur, Joe Sanberg, to use his public platform to amplify the power of the EITC. Joe works through both the public and private sectors to make people’s lives better, and he chooses to use his voice to solve poverty in California and across the nation. has increased awareness of the EITC and helped shape a narrative around its effectiveness. The site was launched in tandem with a large media buy and it has had more than 30,000 site visitors to date. The site has two audiences: people who qualify for the EITC, but may not know it, and activists who are looking for ways to reduce poverty nationwide. This site is also available in four languages – English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Very few, and in some cases no, EITC resources exists in languages other than English. This was recognized as a barrier to entry for many Californians, and provides those necessary resources to many non-English speakers.

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