Walz Flanagan

for Minnesota

Tim Walz ran for Governor of Minnesota in a battleground race, and winning meant flipping many areas of Minnesota that voted for Donald Trump in 2016. This included the challenge of reaching and flipping suburban and rural areas outside of Minnesota’s big cities. After the DFL endorsement went to another gubernatorial candidate in June of 2018, Tim Walz ramped up for a tough primary race to get on the ballot in November. It was important for the endorsement process and for the primary to have a bold, engaging website where voters could turn to for information and compelling stories.

The main goal of WalzFlanagan.org was to tell the story of Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan (running mate for Lieutenant Governor), and to create a space for voter engagement. The site made it easy for supporters to donate, volunteer, and stay in the loop with the Walz campaign – all of which were essential to Walz’s victory. The Walz campaign raised nearly 5 million dollars in campaign contributions – many of which were routed through this campaign website.

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Tim Walz won with more votes than any Minnesota gubernatorial candidate in history, and by the largest percentage since 1994. The campaign flipped 573 precincts that went to Donald Trump in 2016.

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