We recently worked with Solarize Michigan, a local effort to minimize the costs of at-home solar energy using bulk buying competitive bidding, and community education.

The Solarize campaign was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2010 and has already found success in several states. We were thrilled to be a part of their first efforts in Michigan!

Solarize Michigan asked us to help them build an identity and promote their campaign. Their main goals were to communicate that solar energy is not only possible, but attainable in Michigan, and to create a place for interested parties to find information quickly and easily.

First, we worked together to build an engaging brand identity that represents the Solarize Michigan campaign. With the brand identity established, we then built a website to house information about the campaign. We wanted to make it was as clean and user friendly as possible to allow interested community members to easily learn about, and get involved with, the program.

Finally, we created digital ad campaigns to promote Solarize Michigan and direct interested viewers to the website for more information. We also targeted Facebook users by location to inform them about upcoming events in their areas.

To see a full breakdown of how we made this happen, check out our blog post here!

Services provided: Brand design, Art direction, Website design, Digital ad design

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