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Visual Identity, Digital Strategy, Marketing Collateral

A. Phillip Randolph Technical High School is a construction trades and Career Technical Education (CTE) school in Detroit. The Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, the City’s workforce development team, needed help with their effort to breathe life into Randolph’s image and mission. The school also received a renewed investment from the business and nonprofit community because of retiring baby boomers, a shortage of workers, and the great potential for Detroiters to get good paying jobs locally in the construction trades. They needed to make the case to students that this part-time program could lead to a rewarding career after high school — and this needed to be done in a clear, concise, and visually compelling way. We helped them craft a bold, approachable brand.

The brand we designed is reflective of the skilled trades and Detroit, with bold colors, thick lines, and clean typography. Then, through language, design, information organization, and photography, we crafted a website that communicates what the school is, what construction trades are, and the potential pay for graduates. Finally, we helped prospective students understand that they could be a part of revitalizing Detroit and building something that would last. Beyond communicating the right message, the website is clear and representative of the community. The new materials helped persuade high school students that Randolph was the right choice for them.

As part of the branding package, we directed a video shoot and photo shoot onsite to capture Randolph at its best. We used this creative throughout the website, digital ads, and marketing materials. Check out some of our photos and footage below!

Check it Out! RandolphCareerTech.com

Digital Advertising to Drive Enrollment

An important component of our work was a digital program to drive prospective students and their family members to the website where they could sign up for more information on enrollment. We reached 61,960 people, with each person viewing the ads an average of 7 times, generating 4,365 clicks to the website. Ultimately, our digital efforts played a role in helping the workforce team exceed their Fall 2017 enrollment goal of 300 students!

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