Campaign for State Representative
Jon Hoadley first came to us for help with his campaign to become State Representative of Michigan’s 60th House District in 2014. Jon’s main challenge was beating out the other Democratic competitors in the Primary Election.
We employed our multichannel approach to target key voter segments through direct mail, online video and image ads, and canvassing literature. As the Primary approached, we increasingly launched more ads and sent more mail to drive name recognition and saturate the media landscape.

From persuasion to Get-Out-The-Vote, the results on Election Day spoke for themselves – Jon won the Primary with 59% of the vote and went on to win the General with 70%. This was a decisive victory and testament to the power of consistent, targeted digital communication.

Spring Into Action
We were thrilled when Jon came to us again in the Spring of 2017 with a fun idea for a year-after-year spring-themed event. With a little creativity and timely inspiration, we brought Spring Into Action to life!

We created a compelling brand identity to channel Michigan’s energized grassroots. To promote event attendance, we ran targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to likely donors and progressive activists and mailed them a brand-inspired invitation package.

The fundraiser was a huge success, generating a 10:1 return on investment. To read more about Spring Into Action, click here!

Services provided: Political mail, Invitation design, Print design, Brand creation, Digital advertising

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