In 2017, we had the pleasure of working with Foreign Policy for America – a new national effort aimed at building a robust constituency of Americans dedicated to engaging, connecting, and supporting progressive American foreign policy.

During a time when American foreign policy is going dangerously off course, we were eager to lend a hand to a group who’s starting a new conversation about the ways foreign policy connects with people’s lives. To get things started, they needed a brand.

We designed a logo with bold shapes and clean typography. The red, white, and blue color palette combined with the flag-inspired composition connect the brand to the American values at the core of the organization. We applied the brand across digital platforms, including graphics for FP4A’s social accounts that feature their tagline, “Foreign policy starts at home.” 

After the brand design was complete, we helped the FP4A team apply it to their new website. We designed the website with clear calls-to-action, including donation, volunteer, and email sign-up functions. It’s been a pleasure working with the Foreign Policy for America team, and we’re excited to help them make a positive impact in communities all over our nation.

Services provided: Branding, Website design & development 

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