Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling author and TV personality, isn’t our typical client, but we loved working with him! Brad’s main goals when we started our work together were to expand his email list, promote his personal brand, and implement data systems to measure ROI in his digital marketing.

We ran Facebook and Instagram campaigns to promote two of his newest books: children’s book I Am Lucille Ball, and thriller The House of Secrets. Through testing different types of ads, we found that asking people to sign up for Brad’s email list earned a much higher return on investment than advertising the books themselves, so we focused our attention on growing Brad’s “invisible army” email list.

Specifically, we ran teaser Facebook ads promoting Brad’s newest children’s book, I am Lucille Ball, and ads promoting the recovery of the long-lost American flag from ground zero on 9/11; which also aired on Brad’s TV show, “Lost History”. We also worked with Brad to set up automated emails, and to make sure people on his email list got his exclusive news first. Together, these efforts helped get him 2,700+ new leads at less than $1/lead.

Services provided: Social media advertising, Digital ads, Email list generation

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