Term limited and looking to serve his community further, State Representative Andy Schor came to us for help managing his campaign for Mayor of Lansing in early 2017. We helped Andy secure a sizable lead in the Primary Election with 68.59% of the vote. Heading into November, Andy was expecting a slew of attacks from dark money groups as well as his opponent’s campaign. Andy, however, refused to go negative, and he was determined to win the General Election by an even greater vote margin. Our challenge was to help Andy retain the upper hand through a positive and decisive final argument, leaving no question in voters’ minds about the truth or who the best choice was to lead Michigan’s capital city.

Our main goal was to put Andy’s positive message and vision in front of all Lansing voters with high frequency leading up to General Election Day—thereby securing a resolute win for Andy and Lansing’s future. We did so by saturating the digital landscape with Andy’s strongest video, titled “My Vision”. We developed the video concept and script and partnered with a video production firm to capture footage in Lansing and produce 30-second and 60-second video versions optimized for online distribution.

Everywhere Lansing voters spent time online from October 17 through November 7 at 8:00pm—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other sites—we met them with Andy’s video and vision for Lansing’s future. As one component in our overall digital strategy for Andy where we reached 63,495 people in total, we delivered 269,683 impressions of this specific video with each person seeing the video an average of 4.25 times. The success of a digital campaign is contingent on strong repetition across multiple online platforms. We delivered Andy’s video to a widespread audience of known Lansing voters with enough frequency to drive measurable results that helped increase Andy’s win margin in the General (up 3.27% from the Primary).

In summary, we put Andy’s video in front of known Lansing voters, made an irrefutable argument, and won the General Election with 71.86% of the vote.

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