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The Business Machine podcast recently featured our very own CEO, Amanda Stitt! Listen here as she discusses the Change Media Group story, her thoughts on our company’s future, and our successes and mistakes along the way.

On our strategy: We believe in using strategies that work, whether less popular media like direct mail, or increasingly popular tried-and-true methods, like targeted digital ads. Of course, we’ve also made some mistakes along the way – Amanda discusses that too – and we’ve definitely invested a little too much into products and services that we probably shouldn’t have attempted. However, our drive to learn and continually offer the best strategy available keeps us going through the challenges.

On work/life balance as a small business owner: It’s often difficult to separate work from home and family life, especially for couples who work together like Amanda and her husband Ryan. On the dynamic of working together, Amanda says, “We definitely have different strengths. So knowing what those strengths are what he handles better than I do or what I handle better than him is something that I think is really important. And we have a lot of communication, of course, between the two of us.” Although it’s always a work in progress, Amanda and Ryan juggle office and home life together, making sure to spend time as a family without the distractions of work.

On company growth: Looking forward, growth is a major factor in the company’s future. Amanda says, “We definitely have a growth mindset … We want to attract young, smart talent and give them a place to work and live in.” However, growth isn’t our only objective for the future. “Of course,” she says, “with Ryan and I working together, it’s about being happy and having a happy team.”

On our future: In the fast-moving digital age we live in, we don’t know what platforms we’ll be using in ten years – or even in a few months. “Right now,” Amanda says, “we spend a lot of time helping people advertise well on Facebook and Google and throughout the web – but ten years ago, Facebook didn’t exist, so what are the platforms going to be that we’re working with ten years from now – who knows?” Though we don’t know what technologies and communications will be available in the future, we’ll still strive to serve clients with the best strategy. “No matter what,” Amanda says, “we’re going to continue to provide this kind of service that helps people connect. That’s really what it means to be an advertiser.”



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