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This year, we were honored to receive recognition from the American Advertising Awards for our creative work during 2019. Our team is proud to announce that just last month, we brought home three ADDY awards:

1. Warren for Striking UAW Members Video

We produced several videos of presidential candidates visiting striking GM workers. This video was part of the effort to show the public, GM and UAW members that there was a great deal of support for their strike to get a fair contract. Ultimately, the new UAW GM contract had life-changing results for many workers. For a 11-month worker who just started working at GM, starting pay before overtime was just over $35K/year, and at the end of the contract they will be making $65K/year before overtime. That is a life-changing amount of money for these members. This video and many like it got a lot of engagement from members and the broader public. We are proud to be recognized for our efforts with this award, while managing to capture many human moments despite the chaos and challenges of the setting.


2. FP4A’s Personalized Scorecard Tool 

We created this legislative scorecard for Foreign Policy for America, in order to provide the public with their latest ratings of lawmakers. The website grades elected officials based on their voting history across multiple priority issues in an easy to sort format, and will help FP4A’s followers stay informed on how officials align with their stances on important issues. See it in action below:

You can check out the live scorecard here: https://scorecard.fp4america.org/


3. Democratic Debate Doubleheader Poster

We were thrilled to work with Gretchen Whitmer’s team and the Michigan Democratic Party to create a commemorative poster for the democratic debates in Detroit on July 30-31, 2019. The piece showcases the historic amount of diverse candidates in the field. Also, the poster makes a fun nod to Detroit’s Comerica Park and the Tigers baseball team in a vintage-inspired design that is reminiscent of a baseball card or postcard.

Check out our awards won in years past below!

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