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We were honored to receive several Pollies for our work this past year. We took home 10 total awards — 4 of which were gold — from the American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Awards & Conference in Napa. We had a ton of fun celebrating and connecting with fellow consultants from all over the country.


MJ Hegar for Congress (TX)

Gold Pollie Award for Best Fundraising Campaign | Bronze Pollie Award for Best Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning in Online Fundraising  

MJ Hegar is an Air Force veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart after being shot down by the Taliban while flying a rescue mission. She even successfully sued the Pentagon to allow women to serve in ground combat positions. Despite her impressive bio, she was running for a U.S. House seat against a well-funded, eight-term incumbent Republican in a Texas district that had been deep red for decades. MJ’s incredible personal story (told through her cinematic campaign ad ‘Doors’) would be enough to spark initial interest, but it was up to us to relay that interest into continued fundraising. Our fundraising program sought to put MJ Hegar on the national stage, maximize her fundraising potential online, and tap into new and unexplored funding sources. For this work, we were awarded two Pollies, including the first ever for Best Use of Machine Learning in Digital Fundraising. Learn more here!


Jocelyn Benson for Secretary of State (MI)

Gold Pollie Award for Best Down Ballot Statewide Website

The main goal of VoteBenson.com was to aid in Jocelyn Benson’s race for Secretary of State by creating a central hub for the campaign and a space for voters to engage with the Benson team. The site made it easy for supporters to donate, volunteer, and stay in the loop with the Benson campaign – all of which were essential to Benson’s victory. We crafted the look and feel of the Benson campaign – from branding, to photography, to this website – to help her connect with the desires of Michigan voters. Jocelyn Benson is a voting rights expert, but through strategic photography and copy, we framed this website to focus on automobiles and a “30-Minute Guarantee” in line at the Secretary of State’s office – the things Michiganders care most about!


Jahana Hayes for Congress (CT)

Gold Pollie Award for Best Use of Social Media for Fundraising & Internet Advertising for the US House (with Hardpin Media) | Bronze Pollie Award for Best Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning

Jahana Hayes is the 2016 National Teacher of the Year who decided to run for Congress in 2018. Jahana ran in an open seat in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District, which includes the suburban and rural communities west of Hartford. Traditionally Republican, the 5th District has been trending Democratic since the 2004 election. Having never held office, and being an African American woman in a 73% white/6% African American/15% Hispanic district, she faced a tough primary against Former Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman, who was backed by the Connecticut Democratic Party in the Primary. Our challenge was to help Jahana breakthrough as a first-time candidate, and showcase her extraordinary story, dynamic personality, and many qualifications to win the Primary and General elections while raising money to fund her campaign. Learn more about the work we did here!


One Campaign for Michigan

Gold Pollie Award for Best Door Hanger Collateral | Bronze Pollie Award for Best Field Campaign

The 2018 MDP One Campaign started organizing early in the 2018 cycle and built an incredible base of grassroots support. When we were asked to help the Campaign, they faced the challenge of communicating a clear, unified message to persuadable voters around the State of Michigan and communicating helpful voting information to sporadic voting Democrats. Many voters are inundated with campaign messages from both parties near Election Day — across mail, digital, television, and at their doors. The largest challenge we faced was cutting through that noise to deliver concise, persuasive arguments and information to voters to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot. Learn more about the project here!


John Fetterman for Lt Governor (PA)

Silver Pollie Award for Best Use of Email Marketing

On Primary Day, we helped John win with close to 40% of the vote, making him the first candidate in Pennsylvania’s history to unseat an incumbent Lt. Governor. He went on to win alongside incumbent Governor Tom Wolf in the General Election. In the end, John’s success came from his ability to put out a unique and compelling message to voters and our ability to harness that message into an effective, multi-platform digital program. Check it out here!


Voters Not Politicians

Bronze Pollie Award for Best Fundraising Campaign for a Ballot Initiative | Bronze Pollie Award for Best in Show Ballot Initiative (with Trilogy Interactive, Alper Strategies, Deliver Strategies, Martin Waymire, Jumpstart Progress, and the VNP Team)

Michigan’s Proposal 2 provided a solution to end partisan gerrymandering and put more power in the hands of voters. Gerrymandering is the process by which electoral boundaries are manipulated and drawn in such a way to give one political party an advantage. When we joined the Proposal 2 team, they had a solid grassroots volunteer base and several viral moments. However, they needed help reaching and educating voters across the state about a complicated issue. This task became even more difficult when an opposition group poured $1.2 million into spreading misinformation about Proposal 2 in the final weeks before Election Day. We helped Voters Not Politicians (VNP) communicate with voters at comparable scale to the opposition while leveraging digital fundraising to mobilize their supporter base to give small-dollar donations. Learn more here!



This year, we were honored to receive several ADDYs for our creative work during 2018. We took home 4 silver ADDYs and 7 bronze ADDYs at last week’s ceremony, and had a ton of fun amongst the best creatives in Mid Michigan. Our work for Cathy Myers for Congress, the Sierra Club, the Whitmer Gubernatorial Inauguration, and our own Digital Brochure for Campaigns and Causes all won silver awards. We’re grateful to see our creative and design work recognized, and we’re already looking forward to what this new year will bring!


Cathy Myers for Congress

Silver ADDY in Online/Interactive Public Service Campaign

Cathy Myers is a dynamic and inspiring public school teacher who ran for Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st District — the seat vacated by Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan! — in 2018.

Cathy faced some significant challenges early on in her campaign. As a teacher and a single mom without a large network of wealthy individuals, early fundraising efforts were challenging. Then, her primary opponent’s launch video went viral, bringing him national attention. With all this in mind, we worked with Cathy and her team to create a unique brand, an authentic voice, and an aggressive digital fundraising program. Learn more about the project here!



The Sierra Club Endorsement Website

Silver ADDY in Online/Interactive Public Service

The primary goal of this landing page was to educate voters about the environmental issues at stake in this election. The website featured Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plan and her voting record, as compared to that of opponent Attorney General Bill Schuette. The secondary goals were a) to communicate to voters that Gretchen Whitmer was the best candidate for Governor, and b) encourage them to commit to vote. Check out the full project here!

Whitmer Gubernatorial Inauguration

Silver ADDY for Sales/Marketing in Public Service

We designed the invitations and programs for Michigan’s 2019 Gubernatorial Inauguration for Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II. We began by creating a brand to serve the Transition, then implemented it throughout the Inaugural materials centered around the theme of “Building Bridges.” We are proud to have played a small part in the beginning of a new chapter in our state’s history that is focused on creating a better Michigan for all of us. Take a look at the materials below–including a custom Mackinac Bridge die cut design for the invitations!


Digital Brochure for Campaigns and Causes  

Silver ADDY in Print Advertising in Industry Self-Promotion

In the Digital Brochure for Campaigns and Causes, we illustrate how we’ve helped campaigns and causes effect positive change, make an impact, and win. We are proud of the work we’ve done over the years to help hundreds of campaigns, advocacy groups, unions, and ballot measures achieve their goals. Success stories such as Congressman Dan Kildee, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, the Michigan Education Association and Flint Public Library are visually detailed in the brochure. Check it out for yourself below!


Curious about our other award winning work? Check out these round ups from 2017 and 2018!

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