Change Starts Here! 10 Tips for Online Nonprofit Fundraising Success

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Change Media Group CEO Amanda Stitt recently trained local nonprofits on “Tried, True, and New Fundraising Techniques” at the Building Michigan Communities Conference. For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here are ten great tips—and recommended tools—to help you raise money for your organization online. We’re happy to share the information below, and if you have any questions or would like more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

  1. Monthly is the New Membership. Having the ability to solicit monthly contributions is critical. Sometimes you need to have your donation platform “turn on” this option, and for other platforms this function is unavailable. It’s worth switching to a different platform to make it possible to get monthly contributions. People who are giving to you every month are invested in your work and organization. Some great tools to look at are: and

  1. All Crowdfunding Sites are not created equal. Beware of
    swipe fees! Some sites charge up to 9% of money raised. charges only 2.9%.

  1. Petitions can help you win on issues and grow your email list. Using sites like can help you collect petition signers on your issues, and then also use the emails collected to add to your email list.

  1. Learn from other organizations like yours. Sign up for the email lists and follow Facebook pages of organizations like yours in other states or cities to see best practices and get inspired. Especially look to organizations larger than yours – they often have more capacity to run a larger digital program.

  1. Get FREE money from Google. What?!?! That’s rightGoogle gives Ad Grants for nonprofits to use Google AdWords to promote nonprofits. There are several steps to go through to leverage this resource. Go to and has great resources to help with the process.

  1. Follow the experts. Sites like, M+R, and have great email newsletters and sites with resources to help nonprofits succeed online.

  1. See how you stack up. Check out the M+R Strategic Research 2016 Benchmark Report at to see how you stack up compared to other nonprofits.

  1. Find a new Email and Donation tool. Seriously. Often nonprofits use a system they signed up for a decade ago. There is much more competition and many tools are easy to use and import data. We like,, or a combination of and or

  1. Take a comprehensive approach with a combination of email, letter, and Facebook ads. Build a sense of urgency among your donors with a multi-channel approach to maximize your results. More on Facebook ads at or

  1. Know the rules. Make sure you know all the rules related to nonprofit fundraising in your state. The National Council of Nonprofits has a great resource here.



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Amanda Stitt is the Chief Results Officer of Change Media Group, responsible for new client acquisition, managing accounts, and long-range planning. Amanda has a variety of experience leading non-profits and organizations in strategic positioning, fundraising, and growth. A graduate of Kalamazoo College, she possesses a variety of skills including digital strategy, strategic planning, outreach, and communications.

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