How we helped: Michigan Made Great

 In Design, Web

We were excited to work with the nonprofit organization Michigan Made Great Fund (MMGF) to help further progressive causes in Michigan. MMGF aims to promote civic action and social welfare by furthering the common good and general well-being of Michigan residents.

We worked closely with the MMGF team to bring their brand to life both online and in print. We designed an engaging mail piece to get their message out, drive interest, encourage involvement, and direct people to their newly launched website. On this piece, we embodied all the energy of activism through the use of bold type and bright, warm colors. By implementing a variety of diverse, authentic-looking photos, we hoped to strike an approachable tone.

Building out their website was a smooth process, as we expanded upon the print content. We incorporated a thoughtful integration of visual elements, including rich photography of Michigan people and landscapes as well as custom iconography illustrating each of their issue areas. We’re pretty happy with the end result. Take a look for yourself here!

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