What We Learned In 2017: Online Fundraising

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Over the course of 2017, our team took on a lot of work, helped many clients get results, grew, experimented, and learned a lot. Now, we’re looking back and want to share what we’ve learned over the past year. Read on for our top online fundraising tips, trends, tools, and more  from 2017!


Amy, Crafter of Strategic Communciation

For the most part, what I’ve learned through online fundraising, list building, and even digital ads, is that every candidate is different and it’s important to try and test variations of everything with each. Success (or failure) in one area for one client doesn’t necessarily mean those results will be replicated with another.
However — across the board, authenticity, good writing, specific asks, and good design go a long way. And if you can send an email from a dog, send an email from a dog.



Evelyn, Fixer


The power of a personal narrative! Social media has made it easy for candidates to interact more widely with the public, and in return, people want to feel like they know the candidate personally. Facebook Live is proving very effective for breaking through since it’s direct-to-camera and a candidate can comment on issues in real-time. Candidates should feel free to share photos and anecdotes about their lives, not just policy positions. It’s humanizing, authentic, and keeps readers engaged with the message.



Mariel, Digital Associate

When engaging in issue advocacy using digital ads, don’t shy away from including statistics, facts, or numbers in your graphics. Some of my most successful ads this month have included a simple photo with a bolded number or stat. Coupled with context in the copy, numbers can really drill the takeaway message home and instill the sense of urgency needed for audiences to add their signature, subscribe to a list, or make a donation.



That’s what we’ve learned this year — now we want to know what you’ve been learning? What best practices, top tips, or current trends do you have to share?


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