How To Keep Your Brand Top of Mind (without being annoying)

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Marketing strategy must extend beyond website traffic and ad impressions especially now that so many ads and brands are online vying for your audience’s attention. Even if your website traffic is high, those viewers may soon forget you.

If a member of your target audience sees your ad, great! If they click through to your website, even better. But even then, you’re only guaranteed a few seconds or minutes of their time.

Consumers see so many advertisements and brands trying to capture their attention every day. So the marketing challenge doesn’t stop at an initial website visit or ad impression, or even a billboard view. It remains and becomes, “How can your brand avoid becoming forgettable?” Here are our best practices for keeping your brand, organization, or candidate at the top of viewers’ minds without being annoying.

Use remarketing ads.

Who you’re targeting: website visitors

Remarketing is the reason for your online browsing following you around the internet, and it’s a great way to spend your ad dollars wisely on individuals who have already expressed interest in you. Remarketing ads deliver only to people who have already been to your website, which means all your ad views will be from people who know your brand and you don’t have to spend time targeting or uploading a custom list.

We strongly encourage anyone who uses remarketing ads to exclude converters meaning you won’t advertise to people who have already made a purchase, signed up for your email list, or anything else you want them to do on your site. Remarketing ads should be a reminder and a “welcome back” to those who visited and left without taking action not a constant annoyance to those who have already converted. You don’t want to advertise something that your customer already bought!

Email marketing automation.

Who you’re targeting: people who have already interacted with you online

Email automation is a great way to accomplish a number of goals. A welcome email series (for example, the emails you receive from a website where you’ve recently made an account) helps people to think of your brand more fondly, which makes it more likely that they’ll continue to interact with you in the future if it’s done well. It can be informational, personal, exciting, or heartfelt just make sure it’s something you would want to read!

You can also send out a welcome series to give potential consumers or voters more information about your brand, candidate, etc. For example, when we worked with the Michigan State University’s College of Law, we created a welcome series to answer questions people often have when considering going back to school. The emails gave them information to make their decision about the program and helped them to trust MSU’s expertise even more.

Share new content.

Who you’re targeting: anyone who’s shown interest

New content, products, and events are always great reasons to reach out to audiences who have shown interest in the past, and especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from them. Depending on the audience you want to reach, try any advertising and/or email strategies to get people excited (again) about your brand!

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As CMG’s Crafter of Strategic Communication, Amy Libka combines strategy and creativity to help clients communicate as effectively as possible. She is passionate about clear, effective communication, and enjoys crafting messages that help individuals and groups achieve their goals. She specializes in creating content and managing digital advertising campaigns for a diverse group of clients.

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