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We were very excited to join the Voters Not Politicians — the grassroots team working to pass Proposal 2 and reform our redistricting process in Michigan — for the final few months of their 2018 campaign.

We jumped into the project with two main goals in mind: to partner with VNP’s field team to mobilize volunteers online, and to raise grassroots donations through email and advertising.


On the digital organizing side, we wanted to supplement the great work that VNP’s field team was already doing across the state with volunteer recruitment and organization online. Working with their volunteer organizing team and system that was already in place, we ran Facebook ads and sent emails to supporters linking to volunteer sign-up pages. From there, the field team would take over by following up with people who expressed interest in volunteering with the campaign.

As far as content, we wanted to elevate the grassroots focus and feel of the campaign — so we used the messages of volunteers and staff members to get the word out about volunteering. We filmed direct-to-camera cell phone videos with real volunteers explaining why they support Proposal 2, and urging viewers to volunteer as well.

We also sent emails from current volunteers to our full email list with longer-form messages about the problem of gerrymandering, and why it’s so important for voters to rise up and make sure their voice are heard.

And as we got close to important deadlines — like Election Day! — we passed along honest messages about how important it is for citizens to support Proposal 2 by signing up for volunteer shifts and engaging with their neighbors about the problem and solution at hand.


We knew that our authentic, transparent approach to fundraising would be especially important for this statewide, grassroots-powered campaign. With high-impact creative, a motivated email list, and a winning message, we were able to raise more than $100,000 on email alone in just the last two months before Election Day.

We also echoed our same message that we delivered in email through donate ads using Facebook’s website conversion tool. Together, emails and Facebook ads enabled us to harness the power of Proposal 2’s grassroots supporter online — and in the end, we delivered a 3:1 return on investment to the campaign for the fundraising program.

All in all, we’re so excited to have been a part of the work we accomplished in our partnership with Voters Not Politicians. Proposal 2 passed with flying colors on Election Night 2018, and we’re proud to be a part of the movement that ended gerrymandering in Michigan!

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