How We Helped: John Fetterman

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John Fetterman has never been your run-of-the-mill mayor. And it’s not just his 6’ 8” stature and tattooed arms that set him apart — he has an incredible track record of innovation and community development that brought opportunities and a slate of new businesses back to his little steel town of Braddock, Pennsylvania — just a few miles down the road from Pittsburgh. After 12 years as Mayor of Braddock, John was ready to give communities like his a bigger platform in Harrisburg, and asked us to manage the digital portion of his statewide campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

On Primary Day, we helped John win with close to 40% of the vote, making him the first candidate in Pennsylvania history to unseat an incumbent Lt. Governor.

In a crowded race, CMG helped John stand out by capitalizing on the digital space, which went largely under-utilized by his opponents throughout the primary. Using reach and frequency Facebook ad buys to prebook and secure digital ad inventory for John, we reached our audience at a lower cost per impression than his opponents, who stuck to television and more traditional means of communicating with their audiences.

Saturating the digital landscape with 1- and 2-minute videos produced by our team, we used footage from our interviews with John, as well as footage from a rally with Senator Bernie Sanders, to validate John’s candidacy as voters made their final decisions before primary day. Overall, our targeted persuasion digital advertising program helped John’s message reach 684,533 people, who saw our video and image ads a total of 2,277,335 times in the final two weeks of the campaign.

Historically, candidates have been able to win elections by focusing solely on bigger cities or specific geographic pockets of an electorate with costly television ad buys — but John proved that digital can be used to build and engage a broader coalition of voters — which paid off in a big way on Primary Day (look at that map!).

In the end, John’s success came from his ability to put out a unique and compelling message to voters and our ability to harness that message into an effective, multi-platform digital program.

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