How We Helped: Dr. Rob Davidson For Congress

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In the months leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, we knew that healthcare would be a top issue for many voters. So when ER physician Dr. Rob Davidson launched his campaign for Congress laser-focused on the issue of expanding affordable healthcare, we knew his strong message and unique perspective had the potential to swing MI-02 from red to blue.

After working closely with Dr. Rob to sharpen his message, we were able to craft a compelling personal narrative that served as the foundation for all of his list-building, digital organizing, and online fundraising work.

We served newcomers to Dr. Rob’s email list a wide variety of message-based content, including asks to volunteer, donate, and sign petitions. Coupled with Facebook donate ads, we hit his supporters with a number of engagement tactics across platforms that allowed us to build buy-in early on while developing a small army of grassroots donors who were excited to give again and again to his campaign.

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, we placed digital persuasion ads in front of voters up and down the district, reaching a total of 256,199 people who viewed Dr. Rob’s 30- and 60-second ads a total of 4,463,118 times. While the outcome may not have been what we wanted, Dr. Rob went on to win over 131,600 votes, earning him 43% of the total votes cast in the election — more than any other Democrat has ever earned running for Congress in Michigan’s Second District.

By harnessing the power of Dr. Rob’s personal narrative and effectively translating it across the digital landscape, we’re proud to have helped give a “safely Republican” district its first competitive Congressional race in decades.


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