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We recently launched a new website for AFT Michigan earlier this month! We gave the new site a bold new look and focused on top-priority content – providing resources to existing AFT members and information about organizing with AFT. This site was one that required a lot of behind-the-scenes work and planning, due to the large amount of content. We began the project with some initial conversations about priorities, and then dove into designing wireframes.

Here are wireframes that we made in the early stages for the home and news pages:

The wireframes ended up looking pretty similar to the look of the launched site (see below), which is always our goal to nail down a design before making it live!

Overall, we were aiming for a more modern, polished look while relating to the national AFT brand, especially with the new color choices. We chose to go with a yellow and blue color palette that was inspired by the national brand and got rid of the red and green used on the old site — yellow became our new pop of color. In addition, we placed a focus on imagery — as AFT had a lot of impactful photos to work with that they weren’t utilizing as much before. We love how the new site turned out – check it out live here. And make sure to check out the transformation from the old site to the new in the images and video below!

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