How To: Make GIFs

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Movement is an eye-catching way to make digital ads not only stand out, but even boost their success! GIFS are a simple way to add motion without going through the process to create an entire video. Our favorite GIFS are image-based and fun, and they quickly get noticed in a Facebook or Instagram timeline.

One of the easiest ways to make your own GIF is using the Giphy GIF Maker. If you don’t have expertise in the world of Adobe, this is an easy alternative. You can upload anything—  from a still photo, to a video, or even a link to youtube or another Giphy GIF. Once uploaded, there are many editing options to add captions, stickers, filters, or even draw.

If you’re looking to really design a GIF, using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop will allow for the most creative freedom. Illustrator is where you’ll design your frames being sure that your GIF will move smoothly as it goes from image to image.

After you export all your images as PNGs, open them all up in one Photoshop file with a canvas the same size as your original Illustrator Images. You’ll then use the timeline tool, which can be found in the Windows panel. Click the “Create Frame Animation” button in the middle and then use the menu within the timeline bar to select “Make Animation From Layers”. All your images should pop right in, and you can play around with the speed and order of them.

Even a small amount of motion can make a big impact in the success of your ads! Simply doing a slideshow of pictures or having text that appears piece by piece can be just enough to stand out in the crowd.

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