Higher Ed Messaging Guide [+ FREE Worksheet!]

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The decision to pursue a higher education is a big one, so there are a lot of questions that your digital and social content should provide straightforward answers for. People want to know how programs will fit into their lives and what benefits they will gain from it. Here are some areas your messaging should cover:

  • Provide information on the time commitment associated with the program. This should include content that gives an answer for how long the program typically lasts so that people know how the program will fit into their future plans. It should also cover the daily, weekly, or monthly time commitments needed for projects and exams, so potential students can imagine how work outside of class will impact their daily lives.
  • Give an idea of how classes will fit into the work schedule of potential students that are full-time employees. Giving general information about the times classes are typically offered, if they are offered on the weekend and if they are in person or online will allow people to see how they can work classes around work schedules.
  • Besides figuring out how the program will fit into their lives, potential students need to be told how the program will benefit their lives. Outlining some of the careers past graduates have entered and how the program intersects with the outside world or industry will draw people in and allow them to see if this program will work for them. People need to know the options that this program will open up for them.
  • Tell people how this program will benefit current employers. Some people are already happy with the career they have or the path they are on, but require higher education to advance. Information on the applicability of the program to careers in its field, as well as highlighting some of the practical skills taught in the program that can be applied to any career will show people the value of seeking the higher education. Telling potential students how the program will advance them in their career paths will also give them a way to speak with current employers about entering into the program as a way to add value to a company or organization.
  • People need to know the costs associated with the program. Providing information on the payment process, what financial assistance is available and how one can approach their employer about paying for the program will give people who think they cannot afford a higher education the resources and options they need.

Was this helpful? For more information, and some prompts to create your own great content, download our FREE Higher Ed Messaging Worksheet today to get started on effective content:


Erin Merlo will graduate from Michigan State University in the spring with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Comparative Cultures and Politics and English and a minor in Public Relations. She is passionate about using words to change the world. Erin is an avid reader, dog lover and Pinterest enthusiast.

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