How We Helped: Ted Kennedy, Jr. for State Senate

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Ted Kennedy, Jr.’s re-election campaign for State Senate came to us for help with elevating his campaign to voters in his district on digital. As a popular State Senator in a battleground Connecticut district, Senator Kennedy excelled with organic content on social media and he wanted to make sure that voters knew where he stood on key issues and could connect with him online. Because Connecticut has public financing and caps on campaign spending, we wanted to help the campaign figure out how to prioritize digital into their budget.

We worked with the Kennedy campaign to craft a custom digital plan to reach voters in the CT-12 senate district on Facebook, Instagram, and across the web through video and image ads.

We reached over 54,000 voters in his district with over 14 impressions on average per person, and drove 4,000+ clicks to Ted Kennedy, Jr.’s website. We helped communicate Senator Kennedy’s commitment as a champion for the environment, agriculture, education, and economic security to voters in his district in a year where many legislative candidates still weren’t talking to voters online in a compelling, high-frequency manner. We also helped the Kennedy campaign with ads to increase volunteer recruitment and consulted on website content.

While Republicans gained eight seats in the House and three in the Senate, Senator Kennedy prevailed with a commanding 60% of the vote in a highly contested district. Republicans outspent Democrats 12 to 1 on digital, but Kennedy’s investment in digital paid off.

Here is our favorite video from the campaign. How can you not love bees and pumpkins?




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