How We Helped: Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon

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Carol Siemon ran for the Democratic nomination for an open seat for Ingham County Prosecutor in a four-candidate primary. Before launching her campaign, Carol came to us for branding, website creation, photography, video production, and targeted digital advertising.

To start off, we needed to create some visual assets for Carol’s campaign. We created a brand identity and logo that reflect her personality as a trustworthy, strong, and progressive candidate.

We also took some professional headshots to match the tone of her candidacy, for use in our materials throughout the campaign.

With a crowded field of candidates with strong resumes and extensive field and paid communications programs, it was important for Carol to reach the right voters in a targeted, strategic way, to make the most of her limited time and campaign resources. We helped her do this with targeted digital advertising on Facebook and across the web. Using our proprietary processes combined with the use of third party onboarding partners, we could target Carol’s target audience with tremendous accuracy and achieve a high match rate of likely primary voters.

The creative for these ads were heavy on getting to know Carol as a relative newcomer, along with key validators Democratic primary voters care about and are familiar with. In order to really cement Carol as someone who was well respected, trustworthy, and strong, we also created a video that ran both online and on TV. The commercial featured Carol with well-known community leaders.

In a race where the other candidates ran heavy mail and field programs with little to no digital, we believe that targeted digital as a significant chunk of her budget was the difference maker. We targeted 26,695 people for this campaign, and the total votes cast in this election were 22,436.

Using our highly targeted method on digital, we were able to deliver Carol’s message to the voters who were mostly likely to be persuaded and turn out to vote on Primary Day. Carol won with over 42% of the vote, with the next closest competitor coming in at less than 22%.
After beating out her Democratic competitors in the primary, Carol went on to win the seat in the General Election. We couldn’t be happier to have her as Prosecutor here in Ingham County, and we’re excited to see what she’ll do throughout her term!

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