How We Helped The Committee To Protect Medicare & the ACA Mobilize Citizens Online

 In Our Work, Political Campaigns

We have been working with the Committee to Protect Medicare & The ACA to build their online presence, inform Americans about current issues, and drive actions both online and offline. Our team has been motivated to enact change in our community and nationwide, and we’re proud of the online and offline advocacy we helped to generate through our work on digital.

This small group has grown quickly, and was able to make a clear, measurable impact on the ACA repeal process. The Committee, along with individuals and other large groups, helped drive thousands of people to town halls and generated thousands of actions leading up to the vote — before the vote was pulled, effectively killing the legislation.

Together with the Committee to Protect Medicare & the ACA, we set up a Facebook page, landing page, and email system to make sure their followers and interested parties were kept up to date — both about the legislation itself, and about practical action steps to help stop it. On social media, we generated:

Through promoted posts and advertising on Facebook, we reached additional 827,082 users with 2,575,329 impressions— which means that each of those individuals saw roughly 3 ads from the Committee.

The content we promoted on social and through email also drove followers to direct actions to protect the ACA. We encouraged our viewers to write letters to Congress through Action Network, call their members of Congress through the Capitol Switchboard phone number, and more. When Facebook came out with its Town Hall feature, we encouraged the Committee’s followers to use that, too:

 Overall, we’re pleasantly surprised and incredibly proud of the direct actions we were able to encourage through our partnership with the Committee to Protect Medicare & The ACA.


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