Blogging for Business: 5 steps to gaining an audience

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A few months ago, we published some tips on creating content for your brand’s blog. But even if you have great original content, you still need to make sure (the right) people are reading it. Here are some quick and easy tips we’ve learned from our own blogging experience that will help you get noticed:

Use engaging titles

The quickest route to more clickable content is a clickable title. Because there’s a ton of content for people to choose from, it’s crucial to capture audiences’ attention right away – with your title. Think about the articles you’ve recently read. What made you click on that specific article?

Stuck? Here are some general tips for creating engaging, clickable titles:

As you probably noticed, we often use more than one of these tactics in a single title. That’s fineand often helpful! Use your judgment to create titles that will appeal to audiences while staying true to your brand’s voice.

Link within your blog posts

Show your audience more relevant information, and keep them on your site, by linking within newer content (Hint: I just did it four times in the last point). Plus, more links will help drive traffic and show search engines which pages on your site are most important. And, going along with linking:

Anchor your links wisely

Search engines look not only at links, but at the anchor text (the text to which you attach hyperlinks) used for them. Make sure to use something relevant to the linked article – like a brief explanation or a key phrase – instead of a more general anchor, like “click here.”

Use keywords early on

Who are you helping with your content, and what exactly do they need? What specific keywords or questions are people seeking your information likely to type into Google? Show search engines (and viewers) what your blog is about by including keywords and key phrases, especially in the beginning of your title and in the first 100-150 words of your post.

Enable (and encourage) social sharing

Give your readers a chance to share your content, whether from your site itself or from your brand’s social media pages. Shares and endorsements from your followers will help drive traffic to your blog – plus, people are more likely to click on a link if it comes from a trustworthy friend than from a business. Social sharing will also boost your SEO ratings, since Google now looks into social media to measure authority and relevance.



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