Friday Favorites: Ways to Stay Informed

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Today’s Friday Favorites conversation is all about our favorite ways to get the news and stay informed. Read on to hear from the team!

Amy, Crafter of Strategic Communication

Lauren turned me on to listening The Daily, which is a New York Times podcast that’s about 20 minutes and they put it up every weekday morning. So that’s a good way to get kind of an in-depth story from people who know what they’re talking about. I also have been listening to Pod Save America which has a lot of commentary. but also it’s people that have actually worked in the White House, under Obama, so it’s a lot of taking a step back and explaining what’s actually going on here which is nice. If I want to know what’s going on at that exact moment, I will just check Twitter and see what everyone is talking about.



Haley, Organizer of Words & People

I don’t actively keep up with the news as much as I did in the past. I’m definitely very desensitized to all the tragedy that happens every day so I kind of try to avoid it. Facebook by default is my news source — which it’s kind of become in the modern digital era. I also get push notifications from the New York Times on my phone which is a really good way to keep up on breaking news.




Sara, Director of Digital Evangelism

It’s pretty hard to keep up with everything these days. However, I would say that Twitter is my primary platform for following the news. It seems to be, because of the nature of how the news is now, that there’s breaking news about every 10 minutes, so I feel like Twitter keeps me on my toes as much as it also drives me crazy. For commentary, there’s a lot of podcasts. One that I really like listening to right now is Politically Reactive with Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu. They’re just hilarious and it’s more of a comedians’ take on the absurdity that is politics. The episode this week on Charlottesville was incredible.




Abhishek, Multimedia Advertising Specialist

The way that I keep up with news is through humor, because I can’t get through the insanity of actually sitting through what actually happened without laughing about it. So like the Daily Show with Trevor Noah or the Late Show with Stephen Colbert — that’s what I watch every morning when I wake up on Youtube with my breakfast and it just gets me through the day with some humor. But for the more serious stuff, I usually look up CNN on my cell phone — I don’t really watch any news channels, but this is my way.



John, Web Development & Production Artist

I get most of my news from Reddit — so it sort of aggregates news from every potential source so it and so it is a good place to find things, especially breaking news and things that happen fast. When they do live threads it aggregates social media posts and news posts from any possible well-respected source. There is a danger with Reddit, the same thing with Facebook news where it’s all user-generated links to content and so it can be manipulated, when there’s like alt-right type people that got really radicalized on sub-reddits because they weren’t citing their sources right and it just snowballs. But if you do know how to sort through it properly it’s a really great source to get to everything that’s going on that you’re interested in. For non-typical news things, like industry and culture news, I subscribe to a bunch of different things on Medium. So I get email blasts like everyday with a list of “Hey, you might be interested in this article!” and I go through those.



Carly, Associate Art Director

Yeah, so I also look at trending topics on Facebook and on Twitter and sometimes I set up Google alerts for different topics, so I get emailed when those are trending. I guess also the other typical types of news sources that people look at, articles like the Washington Post and the New York Times, sometimes BBC, and especially when I was driving all the way from Ann Arbor I would listen to NPR on my way — like the daily updates with like state and national news and going through any podcast they think I would like.



Amelia, Communications Intern

Yeah I would also agree with Facebook — it’s just a really easy way to like all of the pages you want to and everything that is trending will pop up. But i’ve definitely been trying to cut back on social media because it’s all too much right now … but I would say that now more likely I hear most of the important news stories from friends in group chats and stuff. Someone will bring it up, and I’ll be like, “What’s happening? I’m not paying attention like I should be, but I can’t anymore.” I definitely used to be way more caught up with it, I would watch CNN a lot — which nowadays is not healthy to do — or having push notifications; now it’s just too much.



Campbell, Visual Composer

Most mornings when I drive to work I listen to NPR so I get refreshed from that. I also follow several different news sources on Twitter so it’s very current, but they often tweet constantly so sometimes I find myself scrolling past because I’m like “No, no, no!” but most of the time that’s where I get my news.




Evelyn, Fixer

For me it’s a patchwork quilt and a work in progress. I do email newsletters, so The Skimm, the New York Times, and then an opinion newsletter from the New York Times as well. Facebook of course, I will follow all the publications that I like. And then also specific public figures and journalists and then podcasts of course, Pod Save America and Pod Save the World as well.




Kalli, Creative Director


My favorite way to stay informed is NPR – I listen the NPR One app almost every morning, especially when I’m commuting to the office. I usually start with the most recent nation newscast, then the local Michigan radio newscast, and then I let the algorithm choose interesting news spots for me.




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