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We recently took the Clifton Strengthsfinder test as a team to find out our top 5 strengths, learn more about one another and ourselves, and better understand our team. We had a great time discovering more about one another and discussing the team dynamic with each member’s strengths in mind. So, today’s Friday Favorites conversation is all about our strengths, and our reflections on the whole Strengthsfinder process. Read on to hear from the team, and learn more about Strengthsfinder in the workplace here!

Amy, Crafter of Strategic Communication

Top 5 Strengths: Developer, Empathy, Relator, Input, Adaptability

Insights About Herself: Most of my top strengths deal with interpersonal relationships, so at first it was hard to see how that figures into my day-to-day tasks. But it’s been fun and interesting to think about how I interact with clients and coworkers and see it as a way to use my strengths. I think it’s also helpful to think about these strengths in terms of both my everyday tasks here at the office and in terms of the type of work I do here.

Insights About Others & the Team: Overall, it’s definitely helpful to just remember, “Oh, not everyone is like me!” and celebrate that. I think understanding each other’s strengths and how we’re all different helps us all to work better as a team and sort of balance each other out.

Abhishek, Multimedia Advertising Specialist

Top 5 Strengths: Communication, Maximizer, Woo, Input, Adaptability

Insights About Himself: I have always known that I am a maximizer. Throughout college I have been competitive and always wanted to perform better. The thing I value the most from Strengthsfinder is that most of my strengths lie in the influencing domain. In high school back in India, I took an aptitude test which showed my top interest was in advertising, which is one of the reasons I pursued a career in this field and through college and work experience I have managed to strengthen that. Influence is a big part of advertising and I am glad to possess those skills.

Insights About Others & the Team: Most of the team members lie in the strategy domain of strengths. This relates to how we as a company advertise ourselves and the type of work that we do. It involves a lot of strategy and being able to show strength in it is valuable to our clients as well.

Evelyn, Fixer

Top 5 Strengths: Input, Achiever, Communication, Context, Competition

Insights About Herself: I was surprised by how my strengths were grouped; I’m strong in strategic thinking and influencing and am able to execute, but don’t show any skills in the Relationship Building family. This is odd to me since I’ve spent my entire career building coalitions, leveraging relationships to get results, and solving problems for clients, but I guess this just means I’m a nice person, ha!

Insights About Others & the Team: Love that Kalli and I have the exact same breakdown of skills between strategic thinking, influencing, and executing, meaning we’re inclined to have similar work styles and world outlook. I’m personally taking this as a compliment, since Kalli is awesome and takes no prisoners!

Carly, Associate Art Director

Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Empathy, Maximizer, Achiever, Adaptability

Insights About Herself: I noticed that a lot of our team members have strengths in the communication area, including John, Evelyn, Abhishek, Amanda, and Kalli. This makes sense, given that a large chunk of the work we do involves client communications. I feel that our team overall excels at communication, even team members who didn’t have strengths identified in that area from StrengthsFinder. Personally, however, I don’t believe I naturally excel as much in this area, so I am trying to learn from everyone else on the team on how to be better at communication as I am beginning to interact with more clients, and it’s something I am actively working on improving.

Insights About Others & the Team: I think we’ve talked about this as a team before, but I found it surprising that so few members of our team had strengths identified in the execution area. But after working closely with Kalli on several projects (who has strengths in execution), she excels at project management, and she’s been really helpful in helping me best manage my time and prioritize tasks across a variety of projects. I would also like to point out that Evelyn, one of our newer team members, also excels in this area, and she’s very detail-oriented and great at staying on top of projects, managing client back-and-forth, and keeping people updated.

Kalli, Creative Director

Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Woo, Communication, Futuristic, Arranger

Insights About Herself: One thing I’ve noticed about my own strengths in the past few months is how my communication strength becomes so essential when we’re in a busy season of creative work – like we are right now! A lot of communicating between teams of people needs to happen before any website, brand, print piece, or ad set can be created. So I’m glad to be putting that strength to work!

Insights About Others & the Team: I noticed that Evelyn and I have the same breakdown of strength categories, and since she joined the team this past summer I’ve noticed her and I can get on the same page really quickly. It seems like we approach problems, tasks, and goals with a similar viewpoint and maybe that has to do with our similar pie charts? 🙂

Lauren, Director of Details

Top 5 Strengths: Ideation, Individualization, Strategic, Learner, Intellection

Insights About Herself: Most of my strengths were focused around strategic thinking, development, and learning. Since taking the quiz, I’ve tried to carve out more time to think about problems. It also helped to remind me that a lot of our work (and my work in particular) is a work in progress that gets better over time, as we discover new tools and develop new skills.

Insights About Others & the Team: Hearing from other team members also helped me to recognize their strengths and remind me what’s so great about working with them! In particular, Carly’s ‘Achiever’ means that she usually gets it right on the first draft, and when she doesn’t, her ‘Adaptability’ means she’s willing to work together and talk it out until the design is in a place where the client is satisfied.

Amanda, Chief Results Officer

Top 5 Strengths: Connectedness, Woo, Individualization, Communication, Learner

Insights About Herself: So I think overall, Strengthsfinder has been a really great exercise for us to go through, and it’s a fun new thing as we’ve added team members to learn more about their strengths. So for me, I think that having Connectedness as my top strength initially surprised me, but then once I thought more about some of what it described in terms of the importance of community and how everything works together made sense. And, with it being a relationship-building skill, that makes sense as well to me, and I now have decided to own it. And I’m pretty happy with the balance between relationship building, influencing, and strategic thinking that I have.

Insights About Others & the Team: It’s great to see how everybody overlaps and works together. We’ve all kind of giggled when we heard Ryan’s “Achiever” strength described and the whisper of his discontent is something that we now appreciate and joke about between the two of us. So that’s a lot of fun.

Haley, Organizer of Words and People

Top 5 Strengths: Ideation, Individualization, Strategic, Learner, Intellection

Insights About Herself: Three of my personal strengths are in the Relationship Building domain: Individualization, Developer, and Relator. In my personal life, this rings true since I care a lot about cultivating close relationships with my friends and family. However, I recently realized through all my project management work that my relationship building skills shine through when interacting with clients and handling conflict well, which reinforces and validates my project management skills.

Insights About Others & the Team: Collectively, I like how our team seems very well balanced and diversified. I’ve always thought we meshed well together, but seeing all of our different strengths on paper reiterates this point to me.

Sara, Director of Digital Evangelism

Top 5 Strengths: Adaptability, Developer, Positivity, Ideation, Empathy

Insights About Herself: Four out of my five strengths are in the relationship-building category, which really makes sense. As someone who has been working on political and issue-based campaigns for a decade now, strengths like adaptability and empathy give me the patience to switch between clients and projects quickly, as well as the ability to listen and relate to voters particularly when we’re working on messages in ads and in emails.

Insights About Others & the Team:

As for the entire team, it’s no surprise that we’re influencers, relationship builders, and strategic thinkers. I do find it funny that we’re lacking in the executing category — the amount of work that gets done here week by week, and the steps that are taken to achieve it is mind-numbingly awesome!

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