Friday Favorites: Our Professional Development Resolutions

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This week, we have a new Friday Favorites blog post for a new year. Today, our team is talking about our professional development goals — resolutions — for 2017. Read on to learn what we’re going to focus on this year!

Carly, Visual Composer

For my professional development goals, I’d like to become more savvy in user-centered design. I haven’t been able to fit such a class into my schedule, so I think it’s something I’d like to try to teach myself and learn more about on my own.


Morgan, Video Production Associate

My professional development goals are probably a little different looking than most. For me, I really want to gain more experience working on larger sets and fictional productions to grow in those skills. This semester I’m in a producing class as well as a cinema project class, which will allow me to step into the production world a little bit more.

Amy, Crafter of Strategic Communication

This year, I want to keep learning new things and expanding my horizons. I think a part of my role here is to sort of figure things out, find new tools, and learn new skills as needed, so I’d like to learn new skills that way throughout the year. Specifically, I’d like to finish my Google AdWords Search certification soon, and start on a Facebook Blueprint certification as well. I’d also like to learn more about web development in 2017.

Haley, Organizer of Words & People

I’m especially interested in learning how to use programs in Adobe Creative Suite. Although I did not study design in college, knowing the basics of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign is important to me and would be especially helpful in my role at Change Media Group. With the help of my coworkers, I’ve already started messing around in Illustrator and created my first blog graphic (baby steps)!
I’m also interested in attending any conferences relating to big data, political science, and campaign strategy this year. Like everyone on our team, I consider myself a life-long leaner and want to take advantage of any new opportunities. This also relates to my desire to work more with political data tools, such as VoteBuilder, NGP Van, and L2.

Lastly, I want to continue building upon my digital advertising skills in Facebook and especially Google AdWords so I don’t get rusty. This same time last year, I knew nothing about digital advertising, which shows how far I’ve come and helps me to believe in my ability to master new skills. Coding also interests me, such as learning basic HTML or other backend website languages/capabilities. In short (but actually this post is quite lengthy), I’m interested in almost any new skill to diversify what I can do!

Erin, Communications Associate

My goal for the semester is to become an expert on grammar rules to strengthen my writing skills. I have the illustrated version of The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White by my bed, so I plan to memorize all the rules (I bought the illustrated version to make it more fun). I also plan to read Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen by Mary Norris, a copyeditor for The New Yorker. Her book also covers the most common problems in spelling and punctuation.

I also want to improve on my networking skills, especially because it is my last semester of college. I know that my classmates, professors and the networking opportunities the college provides are valuable connections for starting a career.

Amanda, Chief Results Officer

I hope to expand my video knowledge this year and learn more about the editing and production process. I’d like to get a more holistic view of the video production process to streamline postproduction and inform my view on what “looks good.” I also plan to continue to expand on my current use of internal systems and tools like Salesforce and Asana in order to strengthen my project management skills. Finally, I’d like to look into larger industry conferences to attend and organizations to join this year.

Ryan, Director of Change

I plan to dive back into SQL and STATA in 2017. I’d also like to look for online courses and books to do a refresher on the latest trends and methods in data science across fields. I would also like to find some local and national events to help broaden my network and develop a deeper understanding of tools and systems we currently use.

Kalli, Creative Director

In 2017, I would like to find opportunities to connect with the design community across the state through meet-ups, conferences, and coffee dates. I would also like to conduct, or help organize, a training to help CMG team members gain insight into their own strengths and skills. Additionally, I’d like to grow in my leadership of the creative team, focusing on more collaboration and communication.

Sara, Director of Digital Evangelism

I’d like to be more involved in the sales process in the coming year. I also want to further my project management, collaboration, and storytelling skills through working with clients and seeking out conferences and workshops.


John, Web Development/Production Artist

This year, I want to further my specialization in web development, including learning Javascript. I would also like to expand on my current skills with hands-on experience through more client projects.


Lauren, Director of Details

In 2017, I would like to dive deeper into ad and political data analysis through online courses, certifications, and books. I would also like to explore opportunities to attend conferences and webinars to explore the subject further. I’d also like to build my Lansing political and business connections throughout the year by attending networking and political events, as well as reaching out to current contacts.


What are your 2017 professional development goals? Leave a comment below — we’d love to hear them!

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