Friday Favorites: Mobile Music, Traffic Tips, & Food Finds

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Today’s Friday Favorites blog post revolves around the question, “What’s your favorite app?” Here are some of our team members’ go-to mobile apps for work and play:

Amy, Crafter of Strategic Communication
I really like the Spotify app — my family has a family Premium account, so it’s a little less expensive for all of us. Specifically, I find their running tool really useful, it tracks your pace and then matches music to that pace. I was skeptical at first, but it works really well.

Another one that I like is Venmo. I don’t know if it’s really a favorite, but it’s been really useful in a lot of situations, like when I lived with a bunch of people in college we used it to pay rent. So it’s often pretty helpful.



Haley, Organizer of Words & People

One of my favorite apps is Shazam, because I listen to a lot of radio, especially new alternative. And when I want to find out about a new band, who they are, or what the song is, it’s really easy even when you’re driving to press a button and it’s really fast and convenient.

One other app that I used to use a lot is called Hooked. It gives you a lot of local food deals, especially living by Michigan State University in East Lansing. They have a lot of really cheap deals and it’s easy to find and use.



Kalli, Creative Director

One of my favorite apps is called Overdrive, and it’s what I use to listen to audiobooks that I rent through the library, so they’re free. It’s brilliant— audiobooks can be pretty expensive if you use Audible, so I just plan ahead and place books on hold, and then I  get notified when it’s ready and I download it to my phone, listen to it on my commute. I love it.

The other app that I love is Mint, which is like a budgeting app, and it just keeps myself in check in the budget department. Very easy to use. And I can see all of my accounts in all the different places, like my credit card, my debit card, my loans, everything.



Sara, Director of Digital Evangelism

So, I think bar none my favorite app — it’s making me basic — but I love Instagram! I really do. It’s been probably my most heavily used app since I started using it in 2012 when I got an iPhone. I think that was the pre-Android days. And yeah, I just really love visual content, I feel like it’s sort of made everyone think a little bit more about photography in an amateur way, especially me. I just love it.

I think #2, though, is probably Waze for navigation because I have a long commute. I find Google Maps to be kind of inaccurate when it comes to traffic reports, and with Waze it’ll alert you to a traffic jam and give you an alternate route really quickly, so, yeah. People can also report police, so that comes in handy. Controversial though, but it’s great.



Ryan, Director of Change

I think the one I use the most — the most practical and functional — is the Dropbox app. It’s been really good for a really long time. You can send links from your phone to files, which is wonderful. So I don’t use it a ton, but probably once or twice a month. The one I use the most is the Starbucks app, but it’s not my favorite.

Audible is probably my favorite app, and probably the one I use most to listen to stuff in the car. Dropbox and Audible are probably my favorite. Oh, and if you use the mail app on your iPhone … don’t. Download the Gmail app. It’s way better, the search is highly superior if you’re trying to find emails on the go. The Gmail app, even more practically useful than the Dropbox app.



John, Web Development/Production Artist

The one I probably use the most consistently — because I don’t think I use many consistently — would be Uber. It’s gotten me out of a lot of jams. It’s just super convenient, especially going to MSU where the cab drivers there are kind of a nightmare, so Uber has always been consistently better for that.

And then … I was also going to say Google Maps, the traffic feature, but Sara just talked about how it’s not good! I guess I haven’t gotten into Waze yet. But I have a personal vendetta against sitting in traffic, it’s like my nightmare. But I’m always on Google Maps checking traffic or the Weather Channel app checking weather, because bad weather causes traffic. I’m always prepared.



 Lisa Lyons, Informatics Specialist

One that I discovered recently is called Eat This Much, and you can put in the stuff you like to eat and it’ll give you a meal — or three meals a day, or however many meals you want — and it’ll be based off of your own preferences. And it also gives you a grocery list and how to make it, and all that kind of stuff. And you can change the complexity of the meal. I haven’t used it too much, but I’m looking forward to using it later.

So that’s a new one, and then another one — it’s kind of cheesy, but I really like Snapchat. Not just for the fun filters and snapping stuff, but also for the Discovery portion of it. I feel like I’m way more up to date about things going on in the world, so I’m a big fan.



Carly Fox, Visual Composer 

I recently downloaded this app called Foap where you can upload photos you’ve taken on your phone and potentially get paid for them. There are different “missions” calling for different types of photos, usually either based on a certain theme or place. It’s pretty cool!
I also love Spotify, since there’s a discount for Spotify Premium for students and it’s really nice for on-the-go listening. I especially like the “Discover Weekly” and premade playlists that are available.



We want to know: what are your favorite apps to use? Join in the conversation and comment below!

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