How to find fonts for your brand [+ our favorite free fonts]

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Fonts – finding them, pairing them, using them across different media – it’s a wild world out there! We’ve put together a few favorite resources and tips to help you choose the perfect font for your brand. Read on!

Determining your ‘core’ brand fonts

Start simple by choosing 1-3 core fonts to use for your brand. Choose a font for headlines, body copy, and perhaps another font for accents or featured ‘call-outs’ within your designs. Stick with those font choices across all materials to create a consistent brand look and feel.

TIP: Your primary ‘logo’ font might only appear in your logo – and that’s okay! This can help keep your logo distinct from the rest of your brand’s language and materials. We rarely use our primary logo font as a headline or body font throughout our brand materials. Instead, we use a complementary sans serif (like Gotham or Montserrat) for headlines and body text.

Finding great fonts online

If you’re looking to create a custom brand that stands out from your competitors or peers, you’ll likely need to look beyond the fonts that come loaded on your computer. Here are 3 of our favorite resources for finding and downloading custom fonts on your computer:

  1. Google Fonts – This is a favorite source because they have more than 800 fonts available to download for FREE. These fonts can be used on desktop (in Photoshop or Microsoft Word, for example) AND on the web. Plus, the fonts offered are high-quality and there are tons of options to choose from.
  2. Adobe TypeKit – If you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Suite, it’s likely that you have access to TypeKit. TypeKit allows you to choose from thousands of fonts from countless foundries, and all of the fonts are available for sync to your computer or use on the web. Additionally, the detailed search functions make finding new fonts of a certain category incredibly easy.
  3. Font Squirrel – Font Squirrel is a great resource for free fonts that are free and legal for personal or commercial use. With great search functions and an easy download process, we often head to Font Squirrel when we’re looking for something new.

Our favorite free fonts

Not all fonts are created equally, and we definitely have a few favorites that we go back to again and again. Check ‘em out below – these options are all free!

First up, sans serif (P.S. read more about font categories, like sans serif, here >>

Oswald  |  Roboto  |  Montserrat  |  Alegreya Sans  |  Raleway  |  Bebas

And our favorite serif options:

Playfair Display  |  Comprehension  |  Questa  |  Playfair Display SC  |  Roboto Slab  |  Josephin Slab

Interested in more branding advice? Check out this post about creating a brand identity that works for you!



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As Creative Director, Kalli Barrone has a hand in all things visual. From creating new brand identities and building websites to helping clients visualize their big ideas, she revels in the creative process. In addition to designing for print and web, she has experience in photography, video production, and illustration. She has worked with a variety of small businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations to help them achieve their goals.

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