Our Favorite Tools For Creating Great Video

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When it comes down to editing and creating videos, the tools and online resources you use can be crucial. Here are some of my personal favorite tools to use when creating videos, and why I love them:

Software – Adobe Premiere & Final Cut

The software you use for editing has the ability to dictate how advanced your videos look. Personally, my favorite editing software is Adobe Premiere. It has all the tools I need to be effective, from color correction to easy transitions or shortcuts.  The nice thing about Adobe Premiere is that you can use other Adobe software, such as Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects to create graphics and animations that will work in Premiere. To do so, save as .png or raw files and simply open them in the Premiere browser. Another popular editing software is Final Cut. I would rank this software second when it comes down to having all the tools I need.

Music Resources – SoundCloud, Envato Market, & AudioJungle

When creating video content it’s important to make sure that you don’t break any copyright laws, using copyrighted music or images, otherwise your video will be removed from social websites and you could get in trouble. To avoid this, I’ve found the Creative Commons, an online website, to be very helpful when it comes to finding free music or images. To do so, I simply go to https://search.creativecommons.org, and search SoundCloud for “Royalty Free” music downloads. If you’re willing to spend between one to five dollars for music, Envato Market or Audio Jungle serve as cheap resources for quality background music. However, it’s important to understand copyright law and remember that just because you’ve purchased a song does not mean that you can use it in a video; it must also be royalty free or licensed for commercial use.

Inspiration – YouTube

As somebody who is always looking for inspiration, I personally find myself on YouTube often looking up different videos. One common mistake people make in the video creation world is getting stuck inside their own heads and not looking to others for help or inspiration. If you’re feeling stuck, just search YouTube for creative and fun videos. I often find myself looking up infographic videos and tutorials, always trying to figure out new innovations or how to learn more.

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Morgan Birman is CMG’s Video Production Associate. Morgan will graduate from Michigan State University this spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information with a selective focus in Film and Television Production. She hopes to use film and video to combine her passion for story telling with her passion for social advocacy. Morgan’s previous work includes a short film that aired in the Lansing Film Festival, placing in the top 10.

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