5 Facebook Ads Mistakes You Could Be Making

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Facebook Ads are an effective and affordable marketing strategy if you use them well. Here are five Facebook Ads mistakes to avoid:

1) Not targeting your audience

One of Facebook’s most important affordances for advertisers is the ability to target your audience. Essentially, when you target customers, you only pay to advertise to the people who are most likely to respond. Without targeting, you’ll be paying to show your ads to everyone – and your low engagement numbers will show it.

Targeting comes in many different forms: demographics, interests, remarketing audiences, etc. Find out what works the best for you! More on that here.

2) Breaking Design Rules

If you’re planning to promote your brand’s Facebook posts, you’ll want to play by Facebook’s rules their design rules, that is. If you’re not aware of them, these rules can cause a lot of frustration and wasted time when Facebook doesn’t approve images. Here are a few of the rules we’ve run into (and broken) in our own advertising:

    • Images cannot contain more than 20% text. Use this tool to check how much room your text takes up before submitting your ad for review!
    • Don’t use anything with Facebook’s branding. This includes any part of Facebook’s logo as well as their “like button” thumbs-up image.
    • Images shouldn’t contain non-functional features, like “play” buttons that don’t actually play a video. Don’t try to trick your audience into clicking on your ad!

3) Measuring views or clicks instead of conversions
Facebook will easily measure views and clicks on its own site. And while social media engagement is great, what you really want to measure is conversions to your site. There are many convenient ways to build CTAs into your ads and measure conversions right in Ads Manager.

    • Use LeadAds to attach a form to your ad. LeadAds allow you to collect user information right from their News Feed, resulting in new leads for you and uninterrupted browsing for viewers.
    • Add remarketing pixels to your website to both measure conversions and more closely target your ads.
    • Use Google Analytics to find out how much of your website traffic comes from Facebook and try Google’s URL Builder tool to find out how each post measures up against the rest.

4) Not testing ads

Facebook has a ton of ways to measure and analyze ad effectiveness, from Insights to A/B Testing (more on that here). Use them! It’s easier than ever to test your ad design, copy, structure, and more, and your ads will become more effective as you learn to tailor them to your target audience.

5) Not keeping up with changes

One of the reasons Facebook advertising has distinguished itself as a great option for digital marketers is that it’s continually changing. Facebook Ads is always testing and changing, adding new features, and tweaking old ones to make them just right. Make sure you’re keeping up with all these changes so you’re not left out of new opportunities as they arise!



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