3 Ways Facebook Forms will Change the Game

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Last week, Facebook introduced Lead Ads – a new ad format that aims to more efficiently connect mobile users with products and services they care about. Its simple and easy-to-use format allows users to send their contact information from a Facebook ad to sign up for things like newsletters, follow-up, and price estimates.

We’ve highlighted three ways that the addition of Lead Ads changes the game of advertising on Facebook:

1.) Users will be more willing to quickly engage with companies and groups that have products, services, and causes they care about. 

Although it’s a necessary way to retrieve information, filling out forms is often a good way to lose potential leads – they’re inconvenient, invasive, and time-consuming, especially on mobile. Lead Ads remove some of the common roadblocks to filling out forms, making users more likely to engage with your brand. They automatically populate forms with contact information that users have already given Facebook, like their names and email addresses – so although users can edit this information, they won’t have to fill out forms from scratch. And since Lead Ads function right from the Facebook app, users can fill out forms right from their news feed without interrupting social browsing.

2.) Efficient sign-ups will help drive more leads and will increase return on investment (ROI) for Facebook ads.

With the addition of Lead Ads, engagement includes more than likes, comments, and link clicks. Now customers can more actively respond to your ads, turning your Facebook reach into more tangible engagement with interested potential customers. With Lead Ads, advertising on Facebook gives you a greater opportunity to obtain new clients or customers than ever before.

3.) More people will quickly flow into automated marketing funnels about things they care about.  

If you already use Facebook ads, you know that businesses can target ads toward audiences with relevant interests. Now, the combination of Lead Ads’ efficient sign-ups and the targeted nature of Facebook advertising will quickly connect more people with the brands they care about. For businesses, this means more leads specifically tailored to your brand.

Lead Ads provide you with contact information, but they also allow you to see users’ specific interests based on what each user responds to. This information allows you to reach out to potential leads with marketing based on their specific interests. By connecting this information with automated marketing funnels, you’re sure to reach the right people with the information they need.

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