Is Facebook Blueprint right for you?

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What is Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is an eLearning platform that educates people on how to use Facebook to better achieve their marketing goals. Blueprint’s tagline is “Plan to do great things”. That’s because Facebook wants you to be educated about its various features and campaign options—it’s in Facebook’s best interest to not only promote its products and services, but also to ensure users can best take advantage of them. Here at Change Media Group, we tested Blueprint’s claims so we could better inform you of its merits and drawbacks.

Why is Facebook Blueprint appealing to an online advertiser?

Facebook Blueprint boasts more than 50 eLearning modules for users to take advantage of, including webinars. That’s Blueprint’s key selling point: no pre-registration to participate and the only requirement is a Facebook account. Blueprint tutorials are also available on desktop or mobile, so you can access the classroom at home, at work, or on the go.

While Facebook Blueprint covers many topics from introductory terminology to more advanced advertising topics, the following are particularly useful course catalogues for prospective marketers and advertisers: 04. Purchasing Ads, 05. Managing Your Ads, and 06. Advertising Objectives.

Course titles within the above categories include “Ad Auction and Delivery Overview”, “Boost Your Posts”, “Clicks to Website”, and “Promote Your Page”. By addressing a wide range of topics, Blueprint covers the many questions small business users or advanced marketers may have—offering more guidance than just a simple FAQ page. Blueprint also teaches users about basic logistics and legal guidelines with courses like “How Was I Charged for My Facebook Ads” and “Ads Policies”.

What is the best way to learn the basics of Facebook Ads?

For someone new to Facebook advertising, say a small business owner looking to expand his or her reach online, Facebook Blueprint offers a nice, introductory course titled “Ads Create Tool” under Blueprint’s Purchasing Ads category. The course explains the specific objectives Facebook Ads can help you accomplish, from sending people to your website to raising event awareness.

Depending on what objective you select, Facebook provides a specific link with step-by-step screenshots on how to actually create your ad, which is especially helpful for new Facebook advertisers. The final stage in the course is a Knowledge Check, where you’re tested to see how well you remembered the big takeaways. Facebook then suggests follow-up courses on related topics in case you want to further explore best practices in one sub-topic. This course exposes you to all of Facebook’s ad options, so you can decide which ad campaign best serves your company’s needs.

Blueprint also offers various Learning Paths, which combine related courses into roughly 4-hour lesson plans, to complete at your own pace. Learning Paths are convenient because you can avoid skimming and searching for related course titles. For example, the “Digital Planner Learning Path” focuses on all the basics of planning advertising buys, from ad objectives to campaign insights.

Is Blueprint a useful and easy to use way to learn about ads?

Facebook Blueprint is both interactive and easy to navigate. The text included in each lesson is clean and concise. There is also no set completion order or time constraint. If you want to skip the final Knowledge Check, you can. If you want to jump to a new course, you can easily enroll at the click of a button and return to the previous course later. Most importantly, you can review the lessons at your own pace and make class time fit with your busy schedule.

Facebook Blueprint is a real time saver. Each course’s description and objectives are clearly outlined, so there is no confusion about what you will learn. While an approximately 15 minute course may not sound substantial, you can always return to any course you have enrolled in for a refresher. Essentially, you choose which topics to focus on, which insights you take away, and which lessons best fit your business’ goals—no pressure!

What if I want to learn about targeting, custom audiences, or bidding—is Blueprint the right solution?

Blueprint courses cover all of the above topics and more. Blueprint has a course catalogue, titled Targeting, which is made up of courses dedicated exclusively to audience reach and expansion. Three complementary courses within this catalogue are “Targeting-Core Audiences”, “Targeting-Custom Audiences”, and “Targeting-Lookalike Audiences.” Other courses cover how to reach a multicultural affinity audience and how Dynamic Product Ads can convert shoppers into buyers.

Blueprint also offers a number of courses related to the bidding and ad auction process, so you can learn exactly how your bid is calculated and how ad delivery works. Helpful courses include “Ad Auction and Delivery Overview”, “Buying Channels”, and “Reach and Frequency Buying on Facebook”.

Is Blueprint helpful for large companies or advanced marketers who already use Facebook Ads?

Even for the more experienced user who is well versed in Facebook’s many ad features, Blueprint provides convenient additional insights to take your online marketing reach up a notch. Blueprint’s “Power Editor (Advanced Advertisers)” course is designed for users who want to run more sophisticated ad campaigns than the Ads Create Tool allows for. This course includes an introductory video about Power Editor, an interactive walkthrough of the Power Editor interface, step-by-step screenshots for creating a campaign, steps on how to create reports to track key ad metrics, and a Knowledge Check at the end.

The “Business Manager Course” is also very helpful for companies that want to manage their Pages, ad accounts, and apps all in one place. The ease of this central management feature is tailored for business owners who run multiple ad accounts and manage more than three Pages.



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